Apples Health Benefits – What Does it Cure

Apples – How To Use & Cure Diseases

applesThe forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden is considered to be the apple.  However, once you bite into a fresh crunchy apple, it is truly difficult to not bite into this delicious fruit again and again.  It is best eaten raw, but is also known to be cooked and stewed to prepare sauces, butter, or to be used as food dressings.

Apples are the most popularly cultivated tree fruits; in fact it was probably the earliest tree to be cultivated by our ancestors.  It is an edible fleshy fruit of the genus Malus tree, belonging to the rose family.  Apples have been used as a symbolic representation in several sacred religious literatures of various cultures.

Eating apples with its peel retained is found to be generally more beneficial than munching on peeled apples, though the rind in most apple varieties are found to be usually tough and hard.  The main constituents of apples are alpha-linolenic acids, asparagines, quercetin, lutein, ursolic acid, and P-hydroxy-benzoic-acid which are all more popularly known as phytochemicals.  However, most of the benefits got from eating fresh apples come from the flavonoids and enzymes present naturally in them.


The following lists some health benefits that can be achieved from eating an apple every single day.

Regulates Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels – Apples are rich in dietary fibers.  This fiber is known as pectin which is classed as a soluble fiber that can bind with the dietary fats in the intestine, resulting in a reduction of total cholesterol levels.  And in case cholesterol does enter into one’s system, the compounds found in apple peels, prevents the cholesterol from getting solidified in the walls of the arteries.

Maintains a Healthy Heart – With the cholesterol levels taken care of, and with no chance for plaque build-up in the arteries, the heart health is taken care of as well.

Gallstones – When there is too much cholesterol in the bile produced by the liver, it becomes difficult for the cholesterol to remain in its liquid state for long and instead will begin to solidify and turn into a calculus.  But when apples are munched on a regular basis, cholesterol levels are maintained well within the norms, thus preventing the formation of these gallstones.

Gut Problems – Since apples are packed with soluble fibers, digestive problems like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating seldom occurs.  Problems with swollen veins in the anal canal, more popularly known as hemorrhoids, are also alleviated since constipation is controlled well by regular intake of apples.

High in Vitamin C – Apple peels are a good source of natural vitamin C which is necessary to maintain proper immunity levels so as to protect the body from infectious diseases, to help in quick wound repair and to maintain good bone and teeth health.  A good dose of vitamin C has also been found to curb cataract by increasing blood flow to the eye.

Checks Cancerous Growths – Certain biological activities occurring in the apple peels helps in curbing the growth of cancer cells, thereby reducing the risk of developing colorectal cancers, pancreatic, or even liver and breast cancers.

Apples can either be eaten alone or combined with other fruits and veggies to increase the nutritional value of a person’s dietary intake.

Caution – The calories derived from apples comes from mainly the natural sugars present in them.  So munching on this juicy fruit many a times in a day can lead to tooth decay and cavities.  Also, while taking in too many apples at a given time, the digestive system will not find it easy to process so much fiber at one time and thus can trigger gastrointestinal problems.  As is with any other fruits or veggies, eating too much of this good fruit can cause some untoward health reactions in some.

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