Apricot Health Benefits – What Does Apricot Cures

Find here Health Benefits of Apricot ,nutritional information of apricot & which are the diseases cured by Apricot.

Apricot Health Benefits

Apricots with leaves on a white background.Apricots are the orange coloured dense, juicy fruit with delicate and velvety skin. Apricot is a species of prunus, classified with plum in the subgenus prunus. They are consumed fresh, dried and canned, the seed inside the fruit further contains kernel inside it which is used to procure apricot oil. Seeds or kernel of apricots grown in central Asia and around Mediterranean are so sweet that they may be substituted for almonds.

Apricot Nutritional contents:

Apricot whether consumed fresh, dried, canned, juice or oil contains mainly the following:


  • Vitamin A and C.
  • Potassium.
  • Fiber.
  • Non-heme iron.
  • Antioxidants
  • Sugar.

Uses of apricots:

Apricot apart from eaten as a fruit has several other usages as well:

  • Health benefits – apricot fruit is rich in many vitamins and thus has varied healthy benefits.
  • Beauty benefits – due to its enriching qualities this fruit is used in many cosmetic products like, face washes, bathing soaps etc.
  • Weight loss – apricots are very low on calories and have high dietary fibres thus it is a good option to lose weight.
  • Pregnancy – using apricot oil on stretch marks during pregnancy leads them to fade away over a period of time.

Health benefits :

Apricot Dry

Apricot Dry

Apricots are a rich source of nutrients like vitamin A and C, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugar, carotene and sodium. Dried apricots have higher nutritional value then fresh ones they have thrice amount of fibre and beta-carotene and high calorific value with more carbohydrates. Apricots are helpful in following:

  • Asthma – Apricot oil is anti-asthmatic in nature and is helpful to asthma patients.
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  • Anemia – presence of copper and iron helps the easy formation of haemoglobin.
  • Cancer – Apricot seeds helps treat pain caused by cancer, presence of antioxidants lycopene helps to prevent cancer.
  • Boost immune system – lycopene also helps to strengthen immune system.
  • Constipation – high fibre content aids in proper digestion of food. It also works as laxative and helps to prevent constipation.
  • Eyesight – Vitamin A present in apricot helps to improve vision, thus also reduces the chance of getting age related muscular degeneration.
  • Earache – apricot oil helps t ease of ear pain.
  • Healthy heart – presence of vitamin A and C and potassium helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Fever – apricots cleanses the body, lowering the temperature. Steamed apricot and apricot juice helps to get rid of toxins in system.
  • Healthy skin – apricot oils helps to get smooth and glowing skin, it also helps get rid of eczema, scabies or itching problems.

Side effects and Warnings:

  • One who is allergic to laetrile should avoid using apricot, symptoms of being allergic may include rashes or hives.
  • Diabetic patients should avoid especially fresh apricots as it contains sugars and may affect blood sugar levels.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid taking apricot kernel.
  • Apricot kernel may cause decrease in blood pressure and thus may interact with blood pressure lowering medications.
  • Over usage of apricot juice have side effects like headache, vomiting and dizziness.

Drinking apricot juice is considered as a good tonic for the eyes, heart, liver, nerves and stomach. When in season one can consume the fresh ones and in later seasons, dried and canned could be used.

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