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How to use Baking Soda to improve health – 

baking-sodaBaking soda is the purest form of sodium bicarbonate, a white crystalline salt, that is used as a leavening agent while baking goodies.  By itself, it lacks in properties that are essential to cause baking goods to ‘rise’, and thus needs to be combined with other ingredients like yogurt or honey to help foods to expand while baking.

Baking soda is a result of combining carbonic acid with a base like sodium hydroxide which forms a white crystalline powder known as bicarbonate of soda.  This resultant product has been widely in use as a cleanser and deodorizer since it can neutralize odors chemically rather than mask foul smells.  Other than household needs, it is also a main component of fire extinguishers, since it releases carbon dioxide when heated, keeping out oxygen, and thus enabling to stifle flames of fire.

Baking soda is mainly composed of sodium, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.


Other than for baking and cleaning purposes, baking soda is also recognized for several medicinal uses such as maintaining proper oral health or improving blood alkalinity levels.  Let us take a look at the health benefits it could possibly provide.

Fights against common colds and flu – Since baking soda has the ability to improve the body’s pH balance when taken internally, it has been effectively used to treat cases of common cold and flu.  This is because maintaining a proper acid-alkaline balance within the body will eventually improve the body’s natural defense system, helping it to fight against infectious diseases like cold, influenza and other respiratory tract infections.  It is also helpful in stopping allergic reactions immediately since this body reaction cannot persist for long in an alkaline environment.

Heartburn – Again, because of its antacid properties, this is effectively used to treat heartburn and other related indigestion problems.  It works by neutralizing the stomach acids which are often found to trigger several forms of gut problems.

Anti-fungal – Because of its ability to change acidity and alkalinity balance of the body, baking soda has helped in treating yeast and fungal infections affecting the mouth and vaginal areas since the environment created within does not permit the fungus to sustain for long.

Oral Health – The antibacterial properties will help in keeping the bacterial levels within the oral cavities and other body cavities down.  Blend baking soda along with the toothpaste used to maintain the pearly whiteness of teeth, or swish some water mixed with baking soda twice in a day to keep canker sores at bay.

Baking soda can be used in combination with several essential oils; like for example, it can be combined with peppermint essential oil to make a natural mouthwash; it can be blended with coconut oil and peppermint oil to function as an organic toothpaste; or add any fragrant essential oils to a bottle of baking soda to convert it into a room freshener.

What does Baking Soda Cures

Caution/Side effects – Too great a dose of baking soda taken over a long period of time can bring about adverse ill effects to one’s health.  It can increase blood pressure levels, thus aggravating heart conditions.  It also has a tendency to lower potassium levels, thus triggering fatigue, muscle cramps, and constipation problems.  Consult with a qualified health care provider to know the correct dosage to be used to prevent dangerous side effects.

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