Cashew Nut Oil Health Benefits

Cashew Nut Oil – How to Help you

Cashew-Nut-OilCashew is a kidney-shaped edible nut, very crunchy and delightful in taste.  It has a very delicate flavor and can be eaten raw, or roasted, salted, or even dipped in chocolate for snacking.  This is a rather expensive nut, but it should not stop one from munching on them regularly because of the innumerable and powerful health benefits it has.

Anacardium occidentale is the tree from which cashew nuts are obtained.  The nut actually grows at the end of the fruit that the tree bears, which is pear-shaped with a strong fragrance.  When the fruit ripens and turns a bright yellow color, it signifies the time to harvest this nut, or rather…..seed.  This nut is encased in an outer shell which is processed and cold pressed to extract oils from within.

Natural cashew nut oil will contain anacardic acids, cardanol and cardol, and phenols.  It is also loaded with nourishing substances like vitamins, irons, proteins, calcium and phosphorus, as well as fats and carbohydrates.


Cashew nut oil is viewed as something got from nature the aids in promoting wellness, because of its numerous health benefits.

Vitamin E – While the nut also contains other forms of vitamins, there are just traces of it, with the vitamin E content remaining relatively good.  Much of the health benefits got from this vitamin type comes from its antioxidant effects, which aids the body in improving its immune functions, thus enabling it to fight against heart-related diseases, and cancerous growths.

Since it is also highly beneficial for preventing skin dryness, protecting against the harmful rays of the sun, and for replacing damaged skin tissues, the regular use of vitamin E will also help in delaying signs of ageing.

Anti-inflammatory – When there is an internal infection or injury happening, the body’s defense system attempts at fighting them, resulting in inflammatory conditions within.  When the inflammation is chronic in nature, it can trigger a whole lot of other systemic disorders inside the body.  By regular vitamin E intake, though, it will assist in soothing these inflammatory conditions, hence is regarded as helpful in treating skin problems like eczema, and joints affected with arthritis.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels – Since this oil is rich in vitamin E, this particular vitamin also contains compounds that assist in lowering total and LDL cholesterol levels.  Cholesterol is a steroid alcohol and when it is a constituent of LDL, it tends to encourage plaque buildup in the arteries causing it to become hard and thickened with some loss in its elasticity.  Such arteries hinder blood flow, leading to innumerable other heart disease conditions.

Eye Disorders – With the amount of vitamin E present in cashew nut oil, by its regular intake, eye sight problems, and macular degeneration can be averted, as well as lowers one’s risk of developing cataract.  Cataract is clouding of lens of the eye that obstructs the passage of light, thereby reducing power of seeing.

Cashew nut oil does not easily blend with all the oils – only with a few, and not much information is documented about the type of oils it could be blended with.

Cashew Nut Oil  Disease it Cures

Caution – There are no known adverse effects from over intake of cashew nut oil, but people with allergic reactions to nuts should preferably refrain from using it, to avoid experiencing any alteration in their body activities.

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