Cherries Health Benefits

Cherry – What are the Health Benefits

cherries-hCherry blossoms signify the arrival of spring season, a time for growth and development of most plant and tree varieties.  Edible cherries are sweet that can be eaten fresh off the tree, while the sour or acidic cherries are used for cooking purposes only, where it can be used to bake pies or made into jams.  The brighter and darker the cherry fruit appears, the sweeter will this fruit taste.

The cherry trees are of various types and subspecies, some cultivated for ornamental purposes, while the rest are grown for its fruits.  Cherry fruits that are fit to be eaten are derived from the genus Prunus avium, and the sour variety is got from Prunus cerasus tree.  Once plucked, cherries should be consumed within a couple of days’ time, but can last under refrigeration for several months.

Cherries are rich in potassium and magnesium, contains moderate amounts of iron and phosphorus, and trace amounts of calcium.  This bright red colored fruit is also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6; as well as thiamin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid.  This particular fruit is chiefly composed of water and carbohydrates, is a good source of dietary fibers, but low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats.


The health benefits of edible cherries are detailed below.

Antioxidants – The pigment that gives this fruit its red color is a substance that inhibits oxidation and other adverse reactions within the body that is promoted by oxygen.  It helps the body in fighting against free radicals thus enabling to slow down the body’s ageing process, as well as in reducing the risk of developing heart problems and cancerous growths.

Anti-inflammatory – Cherries that are acidic by nature helps in dealing with arthritic conditions because of its highest anti-inflammatory content.  Its natural anti-inflammatory actions will assist in delaying the progress of joint inflammation as well as in alleviating pain symptoms that often accompany any inflammatory conditions affecting the body system.

Because cherries functions as powerful anti-inflammatory agents, its use has also proven to have helped in treating inflammatory conditions affecting the bronchial tubes.

Kidney Stones – Cherries prevents stone formation in the kidney, particularly the uric acid stone type since cherries have the ability to lower uric acid levels in the body.  And it is also because of this, that cherries have been peddled as a natural cure for gout conditions affecting the joints.

Regulates Blood Pressure – The high potassium levels present in cherries works toward removing excess sodium from the bloodstream.  This thus, enables one to maintain blood pressure levels within the norm.

Weight Control – Cherries are rich in dietary fibers that will easily satiate a person when taken along with meals.  This will help one in maintaining ideal body weight always, for excess body fat is associated with various health problems.

Cherries are used for garnishing varied deserts, appetizers, and iced drinks.  Cherry sauces, jams, tarts and pies are a favorite of many; and, may also be used along with other veggies while making salads or soups.

What Does Cherry Cures? Few Examples

Caution – While eating a handful of cherries daily is okay, eating too many will cause an upset stomach because of too much dietary fibers going in.  It could also trigger excess stomach gas and flatulence problems.  This fruit is high in calories and consuming them in large amounts can lead to weight gain in truth.

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