Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally & Pass it Through Urine without Pain using Home Remedies

Kidney Stones At  Kidneys,Bladder ,Ureter

Kidney Stones

Are you fed up with kidney stone pain & other symptoms – Don’t worry you can get rid of Stones in your kidney by dissolving Kidney stones & flush them out . Natural treatment using home remedies can dissolve or disintegrate the stones ,during this treatment using home remedies you can increase water in take ,so that stones will  be passed out easily.

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Kidney Stone


To enjoy a healthy body and mind, it is important to keep our internal systems in good working order.  Of all the vital organs present within the human body, the kidneys play an important role in keeping an individual in a state of being happy and healthy.  But like any other vital organs, this too is known to become affected by some common disorders, like kidney stones.  However, stones can be eliminated out of the body either by using popular home remedial methods, or by employing the lesser known improvised natural treatment methods.

Kidney Stone – Symptoms & Causes

Kidneys are organs that assist in our body’s waste removal process.  In a situation where the body experiences a buildup of toxic wastes, this overwhelms the kidneys leading to improper functioning of this organ.  This in turn results in concentration of mineral salts and formation of tiny crystals, which eventually grows into a stone like substance termed medically as kidney stones.  They are usually tiny, gravel sized stones that can get lodged anywhere within the urinary system and be a source of great pain for the individual, especially while attempting to discharge urine.

Generally, very small stones get flushed out of the body system on their own during micturition.  But if some stones choose to remain within the body, there are certain methods that the individual can follow at home that will help them in its elimination, and that too in a rather painless manner.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stone Elimination

Dissolve Kidney Stones with citrus fruits like lemons, oranges

–       Salt of citric acid or citrates works effectively in prohibiting the stones from getting formed by dissolving the tiny mineral crystals that cluster together to form a kidney stone.  Citrates in their natural form can be got from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc.  One can have these fruits as a whole on a regular basis or extract juice from them and consume in small quantities through the day to get rid of these problematic stones.

Dissolve Kidney Stones with pomegranates

–       Juice got from pomegranates as well as the water obtained from a tender coconut have natural properties in them that will dissolve these tiny crystals and flush them out of the system effortlessly when consumed on a daily basis.

–       It would be beneficial for the sufferer to up their water intake to prevent buildup of these chemicals and mineral salts that go into the making of kidney stones.  Anywhere between 2-3 liters of water will have to be consumed by them for favorable outcomes.

Many a time and often natural remedial measures will need a lot of time to bring about satisfactory results.  They also require to be used for a long duration before any positive changes in one’s health will be noted.

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