Fennel Seeds Health Benefits & Side Effects

How to Use Fennel Seeds to Cure Diseases

Fennel SeedsEating out at a restaurant now and then is a marvelous way to keep away from cooking.  At an eatery, one is most likely to get offered a plate of fennel seeds at the end of a meal, which is generally chewed on to freshen up breath.  However, very few are aware of the medicinal properties that this aromatic seed has.

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Fennel goes by the botanical name Foeniculum vulgare, and is a perennial herb belonging to the carrot family.  Fennel and anise though they appear and smell similarly, are two different herbs.  The yellow heads of the plant will turn into a light brown hue after which seeds begin to form in tight clusters.  Initially, they will appear light green in color, and when stripes begin to form on the surface of the seeds and they turn brown, it can be removed and stored for future use.  It is usually the dried fennel seeds that are used while cooking as a flavoring agent.


Fennel seeds freshly obtained will contain some amount of moisture.  Dried fennel seed is composed of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, fat, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, A, B, and C vitamins, fatty acids, and niacin.  The chemical composition of fennel seeds goes like this – anethole, the main chemical compound that provides this seed its therapeutic effects; phytochemicals like mycrene, limonene, and estragole.

Diuretic – Fennel seeds also provide a diuretic effect when brewed into tea.  Because of its function as a diuretic, regular use of this herb will aid in decreasing blood pressure levels, as well as assist in eliminating and preventing certain types of kidney stone occurrences.

Anti-Flatulent – The essential oils found in this aromatic seed have natural carminative effects, helping in the expulsion of gas from the alimentary canal.  Hence, individuals who are in a chronic state of being flatulent, experiences stomach bloating now and then will just have to chew on a handful of fennel seeds after meals to promote proper digestion, and reduce stomach gas.

Digestion – Chewing on some fennel seeds after a meal will also improve the digestion process, controlling any indigestion problems effectively, as well as will aid in combating acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.

Chest Congestion – Drink teas brewed from fennel seeds regularly whenever common cold strikes, since this herb contains properties that will act as a natural expectorant.  With expulsion of mucus constantly from within the respiratory tract, congestion of the chest and nasal regions is well taken care of.

Promotes Lactation – Fennel seeds contain certain estrogen-like properties that will enable an increase in milk production and spontaneous flow of milk from lactating mothers.  Also, the medicinal properties of fennels will get passed from the mother’s breast milk to the feeding infant and help in preventing colic in the growing child.

Fennel seeds can be combined with fenugreek, coriander seeds, nettles, mint, caraway, etc.

What are Fennel Seeds Good for

Caution – When used by new mothers to stimulate breast milk production, care should be taken to use this herb only for a short-term.  When taken regularly for an extended period of time, it may actually decrease the production of breast milk.  Also, there may be some unfortunate souls, who can develop allergic reactions after taking fennel seeds.  Hence, if a person has an allergy to herbs belonging to the carrot family, fennel seed consumption should preferably be avoided.

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