Ginger Health Benefits – Ginger As Home Remedy

Find here medicinal properties of ginger,diseases it could heal etc.

Ginger – What does it Cures ?

Ginger is a knotted, thick, beige colored underground stem called rhizome that grows well in tropical climates.  It has been cultivated for long in India and China. Highly valued as a spice it has many medicinal benefits. The pungent taste of the ginger is caused by its constituent gingerols and the volatile essential oils containing monoterpenoids and diterpene lactones such as galanolactone.

Health Benefits

  • Nausea and motion sickness: Ginger’s active ingredients like gingerol and shogaol relieve motion sickness, nausea, seasickness and air sickness in general as well as morning sickness in pregnant women. Several studies have found that taking 1gram of ginger per day is more effective than placebo to treat morning sickness in pregnant women. It also reduces the severity and duration of chemotherapy nausea.
  • Cures Auto immune diseases naturally & lupus
  • Diaphoretic properties: Since ginger is a warming herb it is used by some herbalist to help their patients develop fever and get rid of their cold and flu more quickly.
  • Helps to reverse heart disease.
  • Throat and nose congestion: Sipping ginger tea brings quick relief to throat and nose congestion. A teaspoon of ginger juice with honey is also very effective for sore throat. Its body warming benefits can be enjoyed during winters. The antihistamine in ginger is useful in treating allergies causing respiratory problems.Also cures Sinus ,
  • Protection against colorectal cancer: The gingerols present in ginger may inhibit the growth of human colorectal cancer cells.
  • Ginger induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells.
  • Relieves headache: Applying diluted ginger paste on forehead inhibits prostaglandin synthesis and therefore relieves migraine headache.
  • Ginger compress stimulates blood and body fluid circulation and helps loosen and dissolve toxic matter like cyst and tumors. To prepare the compress take a handful of coarsely grated ginger in a cloth and squeeze the juice into 4 liters of hot water. Dip a towel into the ginger water, wring it and apply very hot to the affected area.Ginger can shrink Uterine Fibroids naturally.

To enjoy ginger you can make ginger lemonade; ginger rice with sesame seeds and garlic; it can be combined with soy sauce and olive oil to make salad dressing; ginger and orange juice can be added to purred potatoes; and you can even spice up your sautéed vegetables by adding freshly minced ginger. The taste imparted by ginger to a dish depends on when you add it during the cooking process. You get a subtler flavor when added at the beginning but a more pungent taste when added near the end.


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