Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits & Side Effects

How to Use Ginkgo Biloba for maximum benefits

Ginkgo BilobaHerbal medications have been known to be employed since ages to strengthen the body and to help in curing diseases.  Herbal remedies are still considered to be a safe alternative treatment method, because of their effectiveness in treating not only common ailments, but also complex disease conditions.  Of all the herbs used with therapeutic intentions, the herb that goes by the name Ginkgo biloba has grown in popularity, because of the innumerable medicinal values that it contain.

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Ginkgo biloba is an ornamental shady tree with fan-shaped leaves, grown widely in the eastern parts of China, and that bears yellow fruits which are generally inedible with a very strong odor.  The leaves of Ginkgo are used mainly to treat unhealthy body conditions, since this is the part that owns most of the medicinal properties.


There are various compounds found in Ginkgo – flavonol, flavone glycosides, ginkgolides, ascorbic acid, bilobalide, sterols and much more.  However, it is believed that only two, namely flavonoids and terpenoids possess powerful medicinal properties.

Prevents Mental Deterioration – The flavonoids present in Gingko leaf extracts prevents any oxidative damage happening to the neurons, which is considered as the main functional unit of nervous tissues, thus obstructing any further progression of tissue damage occurring in dementia patients.

Regular use of Gingko leaf extracts aids in increasing the number of a-adrenoceptors in the brain, which tend to decline as one ages.  After a series of metabolic processes occurring within the nervous system, the a-adrenoceptors stimulates neurons to become active, which is essential to interpret stimuli and transmit impulses to the end organs.  Hence, brain and nerve functions are also improved.

Circulatory System – The terpenoids found in Ginkgo stimulates the blood vessels to dilate, improving blood flow through them.  Since there will be an increase in blood circulation noted, this is deemed to be an excellent herb to help in regulating blood pressure levels.

With such an increase in blood circulation, problems with migraine pain may also be dealt with effectively with the use of this herb.  Also, with an increase in blood flow to the brain happening, concentration problems, absentmindedness, confusion, dizziness, and mental fatigue are effectively minimized.

With sufficient blood supply to the inner ear also happening, problems like ringing in the ears or tinnitus is also taken care of.

Anti-oxidant – The flavonoids found in this specific herb interferes with the production of free radicals in our body, which is produced naturally.  These free radicals, in reality, are actually disease-causing substances that attach themselves to body cells and motivate damage, which could lead to degenerative disease conditions, inflammation, and cancerous growths.  When free radical production is curbed, these diseases are prevented from occurring….., ever.

There are other disordered conditions of the body like hemorrhoids, asthma, premenstrual syndrome, depression, and diabetic nephropathy that claim to be effectively cured with regular use of Ginkgo biloba extracts, but more documentation is needed to validate this.

Caution – Individual’s on blood thinners should avoid its use, because of the herb’s ability to delay the blood clotting process.  This could increase the person’s risk of bleeding internally.  Also, people scheduled to undergo any surgical procedures, should stop the intake of Ginkgo herb at least two weeks ahead of the surgery.

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