Health Benefits of Almond Oil – What Does Almond Oil Cures

Find here health benefits of Almond Oil & How to get best quality Almond Oil for good results.Almond oil has the following properties – Almond oil is Bactericidal/germicidal/anti-viral/fungicidal,Vermicidal ,Vitamin E Oil,Pain reliever,Regulates Cholesterol Levels .If you have high cholesterol levels switch over to Almond Oil & enjoy your favorite fried foods without increasing Cholesterol.

Almond Oil – Cures your Skin & Hair

Almonds are popularly used in various dishes, eaten raw or toasted, and taken either on their own or along with other dry nuts and seeds.  Almonds, though are referred to as nuts, they basically are edible seeds of the tree Prunus amygdalus that also yield oil, which is used for its several natural medicinal and nutritional properties.

Almond Oil Types- How it is Made


Almond oil comes in two varieties –


1) Extracted from bitter almonds (aprunus amygdalus amara), which contain a strong fragrance and is generally used for aromatherapy purposes.  The pure form of bitter almond oil is never to be used directly on skin or to be taken internally; but is suitable to be added to other organic materials that contain medicinal properties to treat certain health conditions.  Bitter almond oil has properties like bactericidal, vermicidal, anesthetic, diuretic, and anti-carcinogenic within.

2)  The second variant is derived from the sweet edible almonds that we usually consume, which is loaded with nutritional properties.  But, generally this form is commonly used to treat skin and hair conditions and widely employed to slow the skin’s ageing process.

Almond oil is well known for its vitamin E qualities but also contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.  The oil is extracted from cold crushing the kernels of almonds with its main constituents being oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids and used either for external body use or as a solvent, permitting other non-polar organic compounds to be blended well.

The bitter almond oil is used in its diluted form and very sparingly because it acts as the following –

Bactericidal/germicidal/anti-viral/fungicidal – The main natural compounds of bitter almond oil are the hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde which are both toxic in nature.  Thus, they require to be diluted before being put to use.  It is these toxic ingredients that help in preventing or treating any type of viral, fungal or bacterial infections.

Vermicidal – Taking internally a very small dose of bitter almond oil diluted in water will help in killing parasitic intestinal worms.  Thus, it can be used to treat several forms of digestive disorders associated with gut worms.  The oil works by killing or stunning the parasites as well as assists in expelling them out of the body due to its laxative effect.

Sweet almond oil has both internal as well as external health benefits, but care should be taken to invest in food grade almond oil to enjoy its benefits.

Vitamin E Oil – This form of vitamin acts as an antioxidant, which is helpful in boosting the body’s immune system, as well as in increasing the health status of an individual’s skin and hair when used regularly.  It is recommended that a teaspoonful of pure sweet almond oil be ingested daily to promote good health.

Pain reliever – It has been found that sweet almond oil has properties very similar to the drug aspirin, and when used to massage the joints, will help in reducing pain levels drastically.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels – When this type of almond oil has been substituted for one’s regular cooking oil, it is found to have helped in reducing bad cholesterol levels, and increase good cholesterol levels greatly in many regular users.

Diseases Cured by Almond Oil – Few Examples

The bitter almond oil can be used in combination with apricot, orange or cassia oils either for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.  Sweet almond oil on the other hand blends well with other essential oils like lavender, ginger, sandalwood, and jasmine; or carrier oils like cashew nut and grape seed oils.

Caution – The use of bitter almond oil is banned is some countries because of its toxic properties.  Always use this oil under the guidance of a physician, and use the form that is processed to get rid of its toxic compounds, when they need to be used in large doses.

Sweet almond oil though is not known to cause any major health issues, it can trigger allergic reactions in some.  Thus, a small skin patch test will need to be done before it is put to use, either externally or internally.

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