Health Benefits of Calendula & Diseases it Cures

CalendulaThe annual and perennial calendula or pot marigold is a herbaceous plant. It a very common culinary and medicinal herb that is native to Asia, Europe, Macaronesia and the Mediterranean.

The flower is mainly used to make medicines, tincture and succus, in which the leaves are also used. It is a popular ingredient of many soaps, moisturizers, oils, creams and medical ointment.

Health Benefits of Calendula

  • Wounds and rash healer: As it is an antiseptic its wash or cream is used to heal wounds, leg ulcers, chilblains, skin burns, boils, dermatitis, acne and eczema. Calendula cream also eases nappy rashes in infants. Drinking calendula tea or its tincture relieves gastric or duodenal ulcers. The flavonoids present in calendula increase blood flow in the wound affected area and enhance collagen production thereby helping in quick healing.
  • Helpes to Get Rid of Scabies Naturally
  • Beauty benefits: You can make your dry and damaged skin soft and radiant using calendula oil. It naturally restores the skin and prevents wrinkles and premature aging. It is beneficial to relieve under eye dark circles. A paste of powdered extracts of calendula flowers when massaged in the scalp reduces itching and irritation.
  • Good for eye problems: Traditionally calendula preparations have been used to heal conjunctivitis and degenerative eye conditions as they are beneficial in bringing down redness and inflammation associated with eye problems. Calendula tea can also be used as an effective eye wash.
  • To Get Rid of Cold Sore Naturally
  • Relieves respiratory infections and sore throat: Calendula preparations when taken internally reduce inflammation of the mucus membrane of the respiratory system and helps us to get rid of upper respiratory tract infections. When its astringent tea is used as a gargle calendula’s antimicrobial properties treat inflamed and sore throat.
  • Treats mouth and gum diseases: Calendula mouthwash is beneficial in treating gingivitis and mouth ulcers or canker sores. Topical application on the sores eases pain and brings quick relief.
  • Treats athlete’s foot: Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties have been found to be beneficial in treating the fungus causing the disease as well as in reducing the accompanying inflammation.
  • Beneficial for ear infections: Calendula’s anti-bacterial properties are effective in treating infections of ear and the accompanying pain. Calendula ear drops or calendula oil is used to treat such infections.
  • Soothes inflammatory conditions of veins: Calendula oil massage can reduce inflammation associated with spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Heals gastrointestinal disorders: Calendula tea is beneficial in safeguarding us from gastritis, stomach cancer and peptic ulcer. It works by protecting the linings of stomach and intestine from harmful microbial or chemical invasion.
  • It is antioxidant rich which in combination with its inflammatory properties help to prevent cancerous growth of cells.
  • Benefits for women: Drinking calendula tea has been found to lessen abdominal pains experienced during menstruation. Moreover it eases hot flashes, nausea, headaches and vomiting experienced by menopausal women.
  • Body cleanser: Calendula tea serves as a detoxifier increasing longevity of our liver, gall bladder and other internal organs of our body.

Consumption or topical application of calendula is usually safe for all. However pregnant and lactating women are recommended not to use it. As it is little sedative in nature people undergoing surgery are also advised against it.


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