Health Benefits of Turmeric – What does Turmeric Cures & How ?

The Healing Power of Turmeric

turmericThere is no Indian curry that does not require a mixture of spices, with turmeric being the topmost requirement for almost all such dishes, not only to add color to them but also to impart its distinctive flavor.

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The turmeric that we use is a yellow-colored spice, the powdered form of rhizomes obtained from the turmeric plant.  This rhizome is initially boiled for several hours followed by drying in hot ovens, and then powdered into the yellow-colored spices used by people of most cultures, basically to add zest to their cuisines.


Turmeric is chiefly made up of phenolic compounds and terpenoids, with the polyphenol called curcumin being its main component.

The medicinal qualities that this spice contains create many health benefits, and some of these are detailed below.

Maintains Healthy Liver – Consumption of turmeric on a regular basis stimulates the production of certain enzymes within the body that assists in the break down and elimination of toxins.  Turmeric also can effectively break down and digest fatty foods.  All of this will improve the health of the liver organ as well as its functions, one of which is to carry out an important detoxification process in the bloodstream.

Fights Against Cancer – With proper liver functions restored, most of the harmful, poisonous and toxic substances are eliminated out of the body.  Additionally, turmeric consumption stimulates a certain process within the body that initiates destruction of cancerous cells.  Hence, regular intake of turmeric is helpful in treating and preventing different cancer forms.

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant – Turmeric is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties that help in dealing with joint aches and pains.  In addition to this, the anti-oxidant compounds that it contains will aid the body in fighting against free radicals which cause damage to body cells.  Hence, this is beneficial for arthritic patients in providing them with pain relief and increasing their mobility levels.

These properties does not just help in dealing with joint pain or cell damage, it also assists in improving one’s immunity levels, thereby enabling the body to fight against not only common colds, but also various other deadly diseases.

Germicidal – Germicidal properties found in turmeric is found useful in dealing with gastric ulcers, since it is effective in combating H. pylori, which is the main cause of stomach ulcers.  Because of its ability to fight against germs, topical application of turmeric paste may also successfully heal wounds, cuts, bruises, and minor burns.

Anti-spasmodic – Turmeric is capable of relieving spasms affecting the smooth muscles, hence effective in reducing menstrual cramps experienced by most women during their monthly cycles.

–       Turmeric paste may be blended along with neem extracts to heal various kinds of skin infections.

–       It may also be added in milk and consumed to clear a sore throat.

–       Add ginger with turmeric to enhance its anti-inflammatory effects, especially when used to treat arthritic conditions.

What does Turmeric Cures ? Examples

Caution – Turmeric is relatively safe to be used on a daily basis but in its right quantities.  Though it is not known to cause any life threatening side effects, consumed in excess quantities can trigger pain in the stomach.  Also, people on blood thinners are never encouraged to take this spice in large quantities since it can interfere with the chemical reactions of their medications.

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