Health Benefits of Vinegar – What Does Vinegar Cures ?

Medicinal Properties of Vinegar & How to Get Maximum Benefits

vinegarVinegar can be used in cooking, cleaning, gardening as well as while laundering clothes.  In the kitchen, it is most commonly used while pickling or for dressing green salads to give its distinctive tangy flavor.  It is also an ingredient that can be used for several home remedies.

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Vinegar can be made from – apple cider, cane, beer, white grapes, date, coconuts, etc.  But the distilled white vinegar is generally made from distilled alcohol put under a fermentation process by adding bacterial cultures.  The fermentation is done under controlled conditions and when the quantity of alcohol lessens markedly, it is taken that the fermentation process in done.


Vinegar is a natural non-toxic substance.  A volatile substance contained within vinegar is the acetic acid which imparts its tart flavor and pungent odor, helping one identify the product as vinegar.  It also contains other forms of acids like citric, tartaric, malic and lactic acids.  Then there is vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and polyphenolic compounds also present within.

White distilled vinegar is good for our health from the inside as well as the outside.  Listed below are a few of the health benefits that can be derived from regular use of vinegar.

Antiseptic – Since vinegar has the natural ability to arrest the growth of microorganisms, this can be applied topically to get rid of several forms of skin infections, as well as to heal minor cuts and wounds.  Its regular application will also aid one in eliminating their athlete’s foot condition, which is basically ringworm of the feet caused by fungal overgrowth.

Warts could also be removed with the use of white vinegar, as well as skin inflammations caused by overexposure to sunlight.  All one is required to do is to soak a cotton ball in vinegar solution and dab it over the affected skin areas regularly to reap its antiseptic benefits.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels – Studies done have revealed that taking about one to two tablespoons of vinegar along with meals will aid in putting off stomach emptying for a longer period of time, which will take care of after-meal blood sugar levels.  Also, the main volatile acid in vinegar, acetic acids, improves the glucose storage ability of our body, which is again beneficial for controlling diabetes.

Weight Loss – It is recommended to have a glass of water to which two teaspoons of vinegar is added before consuming meals, to provoke weight loss activities within the body.  It is the vinegar’s ability to delay stomach emptying that probably works in achieving this decrease in body weight.  It could also come from the fact that this substance is effective in lowering cholesterol levels and in increasing the body’s metabolic rates.

Mineral Absorption – Adding vinegar as a salad dressing will not only add tanginess to it, it will also aid the body in better absorption of minerals like calcium from green leafy veggies.  Certain leafy vegetables contain compounds that will make it rather difficult for the body to absorb minerals from them as it should.  By adding vinegar, though, it will neutralize the effects of these compounds, aiding in easy mineral absorption from them.

What Does Vinegar Cures & How ?

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Caution – Since the main ingredient found in vinegar is acetic acid, and though this form of vinegar is in a rather diluted from, excess intake of it can still cause irritation in the mucosal membranes lining the throat and stomach in some.  Erosion of tooth enamel could also occur.

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