Health Benefits of Warm Sitz Bath & Disease it Relieves

Warm Sitz BathWarm sitz bath or hip bath is a kind of bath wherein a person sits in warm water or saline solution in a bath tub or a large basing soaked up to the hips.

Sitz bath available in the market can also be installed in your western closets. The abdomen and pelvic area get immersed in the water whereas the upper body, arms, legs and feet stay out of the water.

The bath cleanses the perineum which is good for personal hygiene and most importantly relieves many perineum related health conditions.


Health benefits of Warm Sitz Bath

  • Eases constipation: Pain and discomfort associated with constipation in children and adult can easily be reduced by sitting on warm sitz bath. Treating discomfort associated with elimination prevents the tendency of holding back stools seen in people suffering from constipation.
  • Helpful for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Rectal tenderness results from alternative passage of loose and hard stools in IBS patients. Warm hip bath relieves the tenderness and relaxes anal sphincter to ease passage of stool.
  • Remedy for internal piles or hemorrhoids: When you sit on the warm sitz bath it increases blood flow and circulation in the pile affected area. By dilating the blood vessels in the rectal and anal region, warm sitz bath helps to reduce inflammation, itching and uncomfortable feeling while and after passing of stools in people suffering from hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • Beneficial in vaginal and bladder infections: Warm sitz bath in which baking soda has been added eases itching associated with these infections. Moreover a warm hip bath with vinegar is a good remedy for yeast infections in women.
  • Eases post delivery discomfort: Vaginal tenderness and pain can be relieved in women through warm sitz bath after childbirth. It also cleanses the area. It is effective in soothing post episiotomy pains.
  • In men it has been associated with easing complications like hemorrhage, infection of the urinary tract, urethral stricture and retention of urine that usually follow surgery done to treat an enlarged prostate. It’s a common hydrotherapy for symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Warm sitz bath is also beneficial in treating pain in ovaries and testicles.
  • Urinary retention resulting from anorectal surgeries can be eased by warm hip baths.
  • It also eases malaise associated with genital herpes.

Hot sitz baths are good enough for 15 to 20 minutes. The bath should be three-fourth full and temperature of the water should range from 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. You can repeat it once or twice for added benefits. After you are through, rinse with cold water and wipe yourself dry. Urinating after the hot bath is advised to get rid of loosened particles in the body. Sometimes alternating hot and cold water is more soothing. Usually a warm sitz bath is safe but since it dilates the blood vessels some people may feel dizzy or have increased heartbeat. Such individuals are recommended to keep someone in the near vicinity to assist them when required.

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