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Flatulence / Gas Cure without Medications  

Our digestion process involves the breakdown of food particles into simpler compounds for easy absorption, which is carried out by certain enzymes.  This process is carried out by our gastrointestinal system and allows our body to get the essential nutrients needed for its maintenance.  The common byproduct of digestion is certain gaseous substances that get eliminated out of our body naturally.  However, in certain individuals there is an abnormal production of stomach gas, which can be successfully kept under good control using home remedial methods.  They are available in two forms – a) as common remedies, and; 2) as improvised methods.

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What is Flatulence?

The gaseous product produced after the digestion of certain foods is completed is referred to as stomach gas.  Also, air can enter into our digestive system via mouth by way of swallowing while taking in food, which contributes to gas formation in the stomach.  But our body will naturally expel them out by either burping (removing gas through the mouth), or flatulence (eliminating through the anal route).


–       Sensation of bloating

–       Persistent burping and gas expulsion through anus

–       Abdominal pain

–       Heartburn

–       Acidic taste

–       Nauseousness

What causes Stomach Gas?

The digestion process starts even before food goes into our mouth.  The sight or smell of food triggers the production of saliva in our mouth that softens the food ingested and commences the breakdown of starches.  There are certain forms of carbohydrates that do not completely get digested in our small intestines, and their digestion gets completed only in the large intestines with some help from healthy gut bacteria.  It is at this stage that gaseous substances like carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane gets released.

Also, most of us have this tendency to swallow air while eating and drinking, which enter the digestive system.  Consuming too much of carbonated and aerated drinks also increases the gas content in the stomach.  While some of this gets expelled by belching it out, the remaining is removed as flatulence.

Sometimes, the stomach gas can become smelly when improperly digested food continues to remain in the digestive system and begin to ferment.  When this gets expelled out, it can be an embarrassing and smelly problem.

Natural Remedies for Stomach Gas

Excessive flatulence can be corrected by using home methods.  Some of these are discussed below.

–       Individuals should make a conscious effort to swallow less air while eating or drinking.  Food should be chewed slowly and meal times should be relaxing.  Eating in a hurry and gulping down drinks will cause excess air entry into the stomach.

–       Avoid chewing gums, smoking, or drinking through a straw all of which cause more air to enter our system.

–       Starchy foods like potatoes, corn, bread and cereals; fiber rich foods like peas and whole grains; all bean varieties; cabbage, artichoke; prunes, apples, peaches, pears; dairy products; and aerated and carbonated beverages all have a tendency to increase stomach gas.  Avoid these or consume sparingly.

–       Follow some stomach stretches and yoga poses like balasana, eka pada apanasana to reduce stomach gas and flatulence.

Improvised Method : Ultimate Flatulence Cure by Joseph Arnold

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