How To Cure Carpal Tunnel without Surgery – Using Simple Exercises & Massages

Find here simple home remedies & exercises to get rid of Carpal Tunnel – This natural treatment can relieve your Carpal Tunnel pain quickly & without Surgery.Identify the root cause of Carpal Tunnel pain & numbness ,follow at home exercises & massages which you can do yourself without equipments or other person’s help.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment without Surgery

Carpal Tunnel  It is much easier for us to carry on with our day-to-day activities when it is possible to move our wrist joints in a pain-free manner.  The wrist is a joint positioned between our hand and the arm and any form of trauma, injury or disorder occurring at this junction can reduce one’s quality of life severely.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a progressively debilitating condition affecting the wrist joints that can be effectively managed with home remedies, be it common remedies or the more improvised version, which are considered to be more rapid acting.

> How I Cured Carpal Tunnel without Surgery


What is Carpal Tunnel?

The carpal tunnel is a passageway on the palmer side of the wrist that is composed of carpal bones and ligaments.  There is also a median nerve passing through this canal, which is a rather narrow tunnel.  When any of the ligaments, tendons or the nerve itself swells up, there is compression of the nerve occurring which causes a disturbance in the sensations of the hand, including bringing about severe pain or hand numbness.


The presentation of carpal tunnel is made in a gradual manner.  It almost always starts off as a vague tingling sensation at the wrist joint with any kind of hand movement, numbness, or slight pain in the fingers and hands.  Some sufferers may experience loss of sensation in the fingers and hand, and some others may notice hand weakness as the condition progresses.  When it reaches a more severe stage, inflammation, swelling along with sharp shooting pains radiating up the arms are more likely to be experienced by the sufferer.


This is a condition noted more among the female population, mostly affecting their dominant hand, and probably occurring due to women having a narrow tunnel when compared to men.  Also, women doing household chores tend to perform repetitive hand movements on a day-to-day basis that can set carpal tunnel syndrome in motion.  Other causative factors are –

–       Arthritic or diabetic conditions

–       Excess body weight that can lead to nerve compression in the wrist joint

–       Injury or trauma to the wrist joint

–       Employed in a profession requiring one to perform repetitive hand movements that can overstress the wrist joints

–       Development of a cyst or tumor in the carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel  Treatment  without Surgery

Treatment modalities will depend on how severe the condition is.  Mild symptoms, even though they can be quite annoying, will only need bracing the joint while performing hand movements as well as wearing night splints, to prevent its progression.  Some sufferers will need prescription medicines to reduce any inflammation or swelling that may accompany their pain symptoms, and severe conditions will require surgical interventions.

Carpal Tunnel  Natural Treatment Methods

However, at the first sign of abnormal sensations in the wrist joint, people can follow some simple home treatment methods to become pain free.

–       Give the hand ample rest in the initial days after pain is noted.  Use wrist splints whenever the affected hand needs to be used to perform certain daily activities.

–       Apply an ice pack to reduce any swelling or inflammation that may accompany pain symptoms.  Also, cold will restrict blood flow in the joint, rendering the area numb thereby dulling the pain greatly.

–       Massage the wrist joint with herbal oils that contain natural pain relieving and anti-rheumatic properties, like lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, before having hot water baths to bring the pain symptoms down.

–       If repetitive hand movements cannot be avoided, then take frequent breaks and stretch the fingers whenever possible to relieve nerve tensions.

Improvised Carpal Tunnel  Treatment by Hilma Volk known as Carpal Tunnel Master

Most natural treatment methods meant to help in curing carpal tunnel syndrome, though are effective, they are slow acting, requiring lot of time to bring about any positive changes.  Instead, sufferers can give the program titled Carpal Tunnel Master a try, which claims to provide more rapid results, allowing one to resume their normal lifestyle in minimal amount of time.  The program has been created by Hilma Volk, a licensed massage therapist and an ex-carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer.  The simple techniques developed by her will take only several minutes of one’s time, but will need to be performed on a daily basis to result in painless hand movements.

It definitely makes a vast difference when one becomes aware about the minute details about body disorders that they are currently experiencing, and essential facts about carpal tunnel are made known in this program.  Getting to know what techniques actually work for you while attempting to manage carpal tunnel symptoms is a blessing, so get your very own copy of Carpal Tunnel Master at once.

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