How to Get Rid of Abdomen Pain after Child Birth with Home Remedies

Find here what may be the causes of abdominal pain after giving  birth &  how to get it relieved quickly using home remedies.What is Normal & What isn’t ?

Abdomen Pain after Child Birth

Abdomen Pain after Child BirthChild Birth is the most mesmerizing experience in a Lady’s life, the first glimpse of a small living thing with human like features coming from a mother’s womb makes her smile and cry at the same time. That moment all the pain which a mother has suffered in delivering a child get subsidized and seems worth. After giving birth to a child mother may have some postpartum pains in different parts of body. Afterbirth pain is cramp like in nature and caused by post partum contraction of uterus. They are considered to be normal as the body is returning back to pre pregnancy stage.

Reason for Abdomen Pain:-

Pain after delivering may arise because uterus is contracting and coming back to normal size. There may also be a pain at back or legs as well. Puerperium refers to the first 6 weeks after delivery in which the reproductive organs are returning to their normal condition, pain is felt most intensive in the first week after delivery, they tend to be stronger while breast feeding which is due to release of oxytocin which makes the uterus to contract.


Other cause for such pain may be due to genital infections, or chances of appendicitis or stones in kidney or gallbladder. Though, it can be noted that postnatal affects differ from person to person. Thus having an abdominal pain is not felt in every delivery case. Also, it is more found in case of subsequent pregnancies as more deliveries decreases muscle tone in uterus, than in first delivery.

A cesarean birth also leads to experiencing postpartum pain due to major surgery. Initially incision is extremely sore       but with time the pain reduces and managed with pain killers. But this does not mean that there aren’t any chances of postnatal pain in case of vaginal birth.

Home Remedies for Tummy pain after birth:-

  1. Pain reliever approved by doctor.
  2. Using a warm heating pad or hot water bottle on the abdomen area. Even shower with warm water helps.
  3. A gentle massage, frequent urination can provide a bit relief.
  4. Do not exert, try to take as much help from others, less activities leads to early heal-up and lesser pain.
  5. In case of caesarean birth, a small walk or changing positions frequently also helps. Avoid food which is gastric.

Prevention :-

Pre-natal and post natal exercises is highly recommended way to decrease abdominal pain after pregnancy, pre-natal yoga helps an expecting mother in many ways to deal with the delivery n post delivery problems. Approved abdominal toning exercises such as leg slides, head lifts, kneeling pelvic tilts and modified sit-ups may also be recommended.

Other Postnatal problems:-

Along with the abdominal pain there are many other postpartum problem one can face.

  1. Constipation
  2. Sore Breasts
  3. Hemorrhoids – swollen anal tissues due to strain of labor.
  4. Back Pain
  5. Episiotomy – Stitches applied in case of normal delivery in vaginal area.
  6. Vaginal Discharge or bleeding
  7. Urination Problem
  8. Tiredness
  9. Night Sweats
  10. Hair Loss and skin changes
  11. Postpartum depression
  12. Mood changes
  13. Weight Loss
  14. Pelvic Bone Problem
  15. Postpartum Thyroiditis – painless inflammation of thyroid gland after child birth, found mainly with history of thyroid or diabetes.

The pain which persists 6 weeks one needs to consult a doctor for any other complication. Also if you find any other postpartum problem is troubling unbearably an immediate consultation is required.

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