How to Get Rid of Angular Cheilitis in 12 Hours or Less Naturally with Home Remedies

Do you want to cure  Angular Cheilitis quickly.Improvised home remedies can cure Angular Cheilitis fast without creams or medications .Natural treatment methods will remove the root cause of  Angular Cheilitis & it will be healed permanently.

Angular Cheilitis Natural Treatment

angular cheilitisAny kind of an infection occurring within the oral cavity can make eating and drinking rather difficult and painful mechanisms.  Blisters or sores appearing on the skin surrounding the mouth also prove to cause difficulty in consuming fluids as well as solids, especially those that are acidic or spicy in nature.  Like any other skin disorders, even this condition is possible to be dealt with effectively using natural remedies, employing either common or improvised treatment methods.


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What is Angular Cheilitis ?

This is a chronic skin condition that can be caused either by a fungus or bacteria, which cause the skin at the corners of one’s mouth to crack, split, become inflamed, or trigger sore formations.  It occurs almost always bilaterally.  Angular cheilitis can also dry out the lips, making it difficult to smile or open the mouth wide to accomplish a yawn.

Chapped lips, not confined to corners of the mouth only, may also be considered to be a form of angular cheilitis.  Frequent licking to soften dry lips will only worsen the condition.


Redness, swelling at the corners of the mouth

Deep cracks around the labial commissures (corners of mouth)

The cracks can ooze or bleed

Superficial sores may form


Nutritional deficiencies, especially lacking in folate, iron, or vitamin B12

Lowered immune levels

Bacterial or fungal infections

Accumulation of saliva at the corners of the mouth

Dentures that are not properly fitted

Cold climatic conditions leading to chapped skin

Natural Cures for Angular Cheilitis

–       The gel that can be obtained from scrapping the inner part of the aloe vera plant should be applied over the inflamed skin to experience instant relief.  This is a good source of essential substances necessary for skin tissue repair and cell regeneration.

–       Drink plenty of water and take small sips frequently to keep the lips well hydrated and prevent drying.  Also, applying a thin layer of fat obtained from cocoa beans on the lips will prevent them from drying out.

–       To overcome the infection, crush a handful of fresh neem leaves and extract its juice.  Blend it with some honey and apply on the lips to keep a check on the bacteria or fungus causing the infection.

–       Avoid applying lipsticks or perfumed lip-balms at least until the infection has subsided.

Improvised Home Remedies for Quick  Angular Cheilitis Cure

Improvised home remedies are faster than common home remedies.Angular Cheilitis Free Forever authored by Jason White is an improvised home remedy system,which is proven & tested.

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever authored by Jason White

angular-cheilitis ebookNatural remedies that serve to cure angular cheilitis will need to be followed for a very long period of time before any positive effects may be derived.  The system called Angular Cheilitis Free Forever authored by Jason White, will also present natural methods of treatment but which are capable of providing faster results.  This program will make a sufferer understand as to why only topical applications of substances, that are capable of killing the infection causing microorganisms, will not be sufficient to get rid of the infection completely.  It is a 100% natural system, free of drugs or use of chemicals, and can be safely employed by people of any skin type.

If you are self-conscious constantly about those ugly little red bumps that have appeared out of nowhere around the corners of your mouth, and are annoyed by the dry and chapped lip condition, then it is time that you give this system a try.  It might just help you in permanently getting rid of this condition in less than twelve hours.

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