How to Get Rid of Genital Warts with Fast Home Remedies

Treat & Cure Genital Warts forever using Natural Treatment

Improvised Home Remedies can get rid of genital warts completely & can prevent future formations.Natural methods to treat Warts in genital area are free from side effects.As these private areas are very sensitive you have to select only safe methods to cure Genital warts at home.

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Viral infections can bring about various kinds of skin conditions, many of which are contagious from simple skin-to-skin contact.  Of the various types, warts have acquired this state of being very popular.


Warts are tiny horny growths in skin caused by a virus that infects the epidermal layer of skin.  The strains of this particular virus (human papilloma virus) are innumerable, each preferring a particular skin site to develop the warts.  These growths are non-cancerous in nature, thank God……, but can be difficult to get rid of by some.

Genital Warts

The most common type of warts is the genital warts, which is acquired via sexual contact.  This is the most contagious form of warts that occur around the vaginal area in women; and on the penis, scrotum or around the anal regions in men.  (Actually, genital warts can appear around the anus and rectum in women too).  This wart form can either appear as tiny flattened bumps or thin and pointed skin growths.  Whatever their appearance may be these are moist, soft, with a pinkish or reddish hue to them.  They will however, not be scaly as other wart types are.

There are several home remedial measures that have been handed down from generation to generation to cure warts.  These are the common types of natural remedies.  At the present times though, certain common remedies have been improvised, to act more quickly and to provide more lasting results.

Home Remedies

–       This is a smelly remedial method, but since it works, no harm in giving it a try.  Extract juice from cut onions, dip a cotton swab in it and apply over the wart areas at frequent intervals on a daily basis to shrink them in size until they disappear.  The same method can be followed with breaking open a vitamin E capsule and smearing its contents over the infected area for relief.

–       Extract the gel from the insides of an aloe vera leaf and apply over the warts to not only bring relief from itching, but to also dissolve the warts after frequent applications.

–       Soak a sterile piece of cloth in a solution prepared from combining 25% of apple cider vinegar and 75% of pure water.  Wrap this cloth piece around the wart area for relief.  The idea here is to kill the virus which is accomplished by the vinegar.

–       Following a healthy lifestyle is also vital.  No amount of herbal or natural remedies followed will eliminate genital warts if safe sex is failed to be practiced by the individual.

Fastest Way to Get Rid of Genital Warts at Home

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