How to Get Rid of Impetigo Fast with Home Remedies within 3 Days

You can treat & cure Impetigo naturally with home remedies.Natural treatment can heal Impetigo fast without side effects.  Improvised home remedies are considered as the best method to cure Impetigo .

How to Treat Impetigo for fast & Permanent Cure

impetigo symptomsChildren are prone to developing skin infections very easily, may be because of the fact that their immune system is yet to be made strong.  Apart from skin conditions like dermatitis and warts, impetigo is a common problem faced by children.  It is a condition that can be tackled well by employing natural remedies, like the common home remedial methods or the more improvised methods of treatment.

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What is Impetigo?

This is a type of a bacterial infection caused by either staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria marked by vesicles and pustules that can burst open, emit fluid, which later harden and form a brownish or yellowish crust.  It is an acutely contagious infection that can occur anywhere in the person’s body, but is most commonly seen near the mouth and nose regions.

This skin condition is known to affect children more than adults, and therefore can spread easily by sharing toys, towels, and other household items.  Also, scratching the affected area can spread the infection to other body surfaces.


–       Extremely small red bumps first appear on the skin, especially the epithelial layer surrounding the nose and mouth areas.  They go on to increase in size, get filled with a watery liquid, which burst apart oozing out the fluid.

–       The emitted fluid will begin to harden, forming a yellow or brownish crust.

–       Itchy, irritated skin.

–       The blisters can increase in number, and may vary in size.


–       The bacteria enters the skin through an already existing skin injury such as reddened and irritated skin, insect bites, small nicks and cuts.  Here, they release toxic substances that encourage the formation of blisters and sores.

–       In children, it often occurs after an episode of a cold or respiratory tract allergy that causes the skin under the nose to become tender and sore.

–       Coming in contact with items handled by an infected person, or lay hands upon the infected person itself either accidently or unknowingly.

The usual methods employed to treat this skin condition is by prescribing antibiotics orally along with topical antibiotic application.  However, in order to expose the skin to less harmful substances, parents of small children and even adults prefer using the natural route to get this condition under good control.

Impetigo Natural Remedies

–       Avoid touching the scabs or scratching the area to avoid spreading it to other body parts.  Also, loosely wrap a dressing around the area that can be easily removed to prevent the distribution of blisters to other areas.

–       Prepare a natural antibiotic solution by blending one tablespoon of white distilled vinegar in two cups of water and soak the affected area for fifteen minutes or so on a regular basis to bring down the infection, and to get rid of the scabs.

–       Oils extracted from olive, tea tree, and myrrh can be applied topically over the infected skin areas to kill the bacteria causing the infection.

–       Take in a couple of spoons of manuka honey before every meal because of the antiseptic effects that this honey has, which will enable the body to fight the bacteria off.

Methods that serve as home remedies are usually slow to act.  People currently would like to lay their hands on anything that provides relief as soon as it is started on.

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