How to Get Rid of Skin Tags without Pain

Skin Tags Removal without Surgery – All Natural Method

skin tagsYou can remove dirty skin tags without surgery or pain .This natural method helps you to get rid of skin tags naturally at home within 3 days .

People are generally hesitant to discus about their appearance-related issues, be it an unattractive smile, indisciplinable fringes, crooked nose, unluscious lips, or unglossy skin etc., etc., etc.  One such unattractive but harmless skin condition is what is referred to as skin tags.


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Skin Tags – What it is

A loose hanging piece of skin will describe this phrase better.  These get formed when the epidermal layer of skin begins to grow excessively to enclose collagen fibers and protrude from the surrounding skin suspended.  They first develop as a tiny bump which continue to grow, and after a certain time, they project outwards from a fleshy but narrow base, called the peduncle.  They occupy a very small area of skin and normally develop around skin creases or skin folds, laying claim on the belief that it could also be happening because of excessive skin friction.  These are very common in the underarms, folds of the neck, groin, and upper chest area, which is probably from friction between clothing and skin.

They are more likely to be viewed as minor skin issues and people who desire to get rid of them, seldom will approach a dermatologist to achieve it.  Instead, more individuals are encouraged to try out home remedies to see if these can be removed.  Home remedies are accessible as common, and the improvised version, which uses almost the same ingredients for curing, but with a change in their methods of application.

Home Remedies That Remove Skin Tags

–       Fresh onion juice applied directly over the skin tags will successfully get rid of this unsightly problem.  They work by drying out the skin to a point where the skin cells die, and the tag falls off on its own.

–       Tea tree oil is known for its natural antifungal and antiseptic properties.  This will work when it is applied repeatedly over the tags through the day, or poured onto a cotton swab and taped over the skin tag to quicken the removal process.

–       The hulls of the black walnut tree have been in use to treat several types of skin conditions and works for skin tag removal as well.  Brew a herbal tea using these hulls, soak a sterile piece of cloth in this solution and bandage the area of skin tags, leaving it on for a couple of days to eliminate them.

–       Dandelion root juice transferred on to a cotton swab to a point that it gets soaked in the herbal extract, applied on the skin tags and covered with a Band-Aid, done every day will decline the quality of the tags and promote its fall-off.

Natural remedies for skin tag removal generally involve easy and pain free methods.  However, like any other home remedial methods, individual results will vary, and the user will need to be extremely patient, follow the process very earnestly to enjoy good results.

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