How to Improve My Vision without Surgery or Glasses – Dr.Bates Exercises Review

Vision Without Glasses – Does it Work ?

You can Improve your Eye Sight without surgery & reverse impaired eye sight naturally with simple exercises , Find here Dr.Bates Method – it is a proven & tested method.

 Impaired Vision

The fact that a pair of glasses is considered as a medical support device compels individuals who are in real need of them, not to wear glasses when out in public.


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Most individuals loathe the idea of wearing glasses or spectacles when outside just because they think that one will not be able to look attractive wearing them, and would not mind feeling awkward or look clumsy when doing something constructive without proper power of sight.  There are certain carefully planned methods one could follow at home to improve their eyesight, but will need a lot of patience and put in a lot of time to be able to see some positive results.  This waiting period, though, could be accelerated by employing improvised home remedial methods, which are basically constructed conveniently from what are already on hand.

Glasses are a device for the eye meant to be worn for correction of vision defects.  They are meant for those who have lost their ability to be able to focus on objects well on their own.  Wearing them during a person’s entire waking hours can indeed be a great cause of discomfort and distress, making them wish for freedom from it.

There are indeed certain strategies and techniques that such individuals could follow to help them in getting rid of this device permanently.  These methods could give them better eyesight and improve their ability to see things more clearly and sharply.

Home remedies for better Eyesight

–       After long hours of watching television or gazing into the computer screen, it is important to relieve stress from the eyes.  This can be done by blinking as often as possible, frequently taking breaks, or keeping eyes closed for a minute or so on an hourly basis.  One could also rub their palms together vigorously to generate some heat and place their warm palms over closed eyes to relieve tension and keep them stress free.

–       Rotate the eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise, 5 to 10 times in each direction, and do it several times in the day to work the eye muscles for improving eyesight.

–       After settling down in a comfortable position, look at a distant object for about a minute and then shift gaze to a closer object, staying focused again for about a minute.  Repeat this alternatively until an eye strain is felt.  When done regularly this will aid in improving vision power naturally.

These remedial measures and several other exercise forms meant for improving vision, when followed regularly will help one in achieving better eyesight.  However, these will require a great deal of time to bring about positive vision changes.

Improvised Method for Normal Eye Sight -Dr.Bates Method

Read Vision without Glassess

Read Vision without Glasses

For quick beneficial effects, following improvised methods are recommended which are made available by several sufferers themselves.  One such are the approaches advocated by Duke Peterson, which are an improvised version of Dr. William H. Bates’ methods, who was a renowned alternative eye therapist.  Getting back one’s power to see clearly requires a step-by-step process, which are all outlined by Duke Peterson in his book titled Vision without Glasses.  He provides ways which involves wearing glasses or contacts combined with certain eye movements to improve vision strength naturally, but in a more rapid manner.

Are you disappointed about the fact that your prescription glasses only continues to increase and get stronger year after year?  Are you looking forward to a time where you can successfully throw away your glasses for good?  Do you think this is not possible without the use of drugs or surgeries?  Then, you are wrong.  Give these suggested methods a try.  Spend just 10 minutes on them daily to enjoy freedom from glasses permanently.

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