How to Reverse Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Naturally

Find here how to treat & cure Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy  naturally using improvised home remedies.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment

diabetic neuropathyDiabetes has become a rather common metabolic disease caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors, wherein there is inadequate utilization or secretion of insulin, resulting in high blood sugar levels.  Diabetes in turn can trigger various health problems, hence becoming necessary to bring this condition under good control.  Employing natural methods for better management of diabetes is recommended, which comes in two forms – the common cures or the improvised methods of application, which have come into existence only lately.

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Diabetes and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetes, as stated, is a condition resulting in excessive amounts of sugar in blood and urine.  The peripheral nervous system is that part of the nervous system that lies outside the central nervous system.  When high blood sugar levels persists for an extended period of time, it can cause damage to this part of the nervous system and cause complications in the arms, hands, legs and feet – where these nerves proceed.


–       Tingling, burning sensation or numbness

–       Difficulty walking due to muscle weakness

–       Extremely sensitive to even the lightest of touch

–       Reduced sensation – like a decrease in ability to feel changes in temperature

–       Piercing pain at times of rest


–       Increased sugar levels in blood interfere with the functions of the nervous system, decreasing its ability to transmit signals appropriately

–       Inflammation of the nerves along with high blood glucose levels

–       Family history

–       Excessive smoking and alcohol abuse

Natural Treatment for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

–       Get blood glucose levels under good control by consuming fresh bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every morning.  One will need 4-5 bitter melons, de-seeded, to make a glass of juice.

–       Keep blood pressure levels also under good control by following a low-salt, low-fat diet.  Limiting sugar intake will also help.  Snack on unsalted seeds and nuts, raw veggies and plain yogurt when hunger strikes.

–       Lead a very active lifestyle, by following an exercise routine, walking short distances instead of commuting by automotive vehicles, etc.

–       Follow a healthy diet by including lots of fresh fruits and veggies into the daily meal plan, limiting meat and poultry consumption, and consuming only low-fat dairy products.

–       Stop smoking and avoid alcohol consumption.

Improvised Home Remedies for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy  Cure

neropathy_solution_ebookIt will help to know that trying to control diabetes or managing diabetic peripheral neuropathy with the use of natural methods will need a lot of time to perceive any positive changes in one’s diabetic conditions.  The program titled The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution will on the other hand, guide one to end their problems related to diabetes – like nerve pain and reduced mobility levels – using all natural methods without the use of drugs, or surgical methods.  These methods have been established by Randall C. Labrum, and his neuropathic solutions have seemed to work for many in curing their diabetes related nerve conditions.

It claims to prevent nerve damage, resolve the condition by getting down to the root of the problem, and put one back to their original healthy state regardless of the fact that they have been suffering from it for a very long time.  This program can be used alongside with one’s prescription medicines given to control their diabetic peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

If you are suffering from intense and torturous pain in your extremities, finding it difficult to take even few steps without experiencing horrible pain in your feet, then this 6-step method should be given a try to live your future days in less or no pain.

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