How to Reverse Hair Loss in Men Naturally

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On an average, people lose anywhere between 60 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis, which eventually grows back.  But some are not so lucky enough.  For them, the hair lost fails to re-grow due to various reasons, the main cause behind male baldness.  These individuals need not feel dejected though.  There are home remedies that offer a chance to boost scalp hair re-growth, some of which are capable of giving quick results and some which may be slow acting.

Why does hair loss occur in the first place?

The normal hair growing cycle involves several stages of hair growth followed by a resting phase.  In some individuals, due to hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, improper hair care, or excessive stress, the hair follicles will begin to shrink.  This in turn will have an impact on the hair growth cycle, rendering the hair follicles incapable of re-growing new hair.  As a result, thinning of scalp hair and bare patches of scalp are noted.

Fortunately, there are certain methods that such individuals could follow at home that could regularize normal hair growth cycle, allowing them to enjoy progressive increase in the volume of scalp hair.

Home Remedies To Stop Hair Loss

–       Massaging the scalp with fresh milk extracted from coconut is deemed beneficial for hair loss.  This is a rich source of essential fats, proteins, and nutrients that will promote natural hair growth.  Leave the milk on scalp for half an hour before washing off with clean warm water.

–       Similarly, massaging the scalp with lukewarm coconut oil before washing hair will control hair fall.  The other oils that can be used on scalp are almond oil, mustard oil, or even olive oil.  Scalp massage done frequently will aid in controlling dandruff, seen as a major cause for hair loss in many.  Massages will also stimulate good blood circulation to the scalp, which is required for hair regeneration.

–       If oily scalp is the reason behind hair fall, then washing the scalp and hair with juice extracted from fresh neem leaves will be beneficial.

There are several more home remedies like application of wheatgrass or aloe vera juice on scalp, and many others.  Unfortunately, most home remedies need a lot of time to begin showing desired results.  People nowadays are intolerant of delays and need to see quick results.

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Fast hair re-growth, however, is something that is possible now.  John Kelby makes his e-book titled Hair Again easily accessible for everyone, where one will get to known natural process through which hair re-growth can be encouraged.  It does not matter if the person has remained bald for long, nor will the individual’s age matter here.  It is just that the person should be willing enough to follow the instructions given out here diligently.  The daily actions that will need to be carried out will not take much of the person’s time.  They will just need to set aside 5 minutes daily to follow the system and begin enjoying good hair re-growth.  The entire program involves only natural processes considered safe for regular use.  It does not involve the use of chemicals, pills, or even supplements.

If you desire to stay confident and enjoy healthy scalp hair growth, then the solution lies here.  All that this program asks for is to set aside 5 minutes of your time to follow the instructions given out for guaranteed hair re-growth.  Allow nature to show you the way and you will see satisfactory results within 20 days.( Read about Money Back Guarantee )

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