How to Stop Facial Blushing Naturally

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Facial Blushing Natural Cure

facial blushing Blushing is a very normal body reaction, especially at times of disgrace, embarrassment and painful emotions.  However, some may develop this facial redness even in the absence of a triggering stimulus and these individuals will require additional support to deal with it.  For such individuals, assistance is available in the form of common natural remedies or improvised remedial methods, with the latter enabling them to enjoy quick relief from this confusing condition of theirs.

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What is Facial Blushing?

Individuals react to stressful situations differently.  At times of apprehension, distress, shame or other emotional or mental tension, certain individuals react by turning a beetroot red in the face occurring from a sudden flow of blood to this area.  This is termed as facial blushing.  The redness typically originates from the upper chest area, extending up the neck, face, involving the forehead and ears too.


–       Reddening of the facial skin

–       The skin of the face, neck, and upper chest regions will feel warm when touched

–       Burning or tingling sensations felt in the face and head

–       Excessive sweating noted in the facial and head regions

–       Poor concentration levels decreasing one’s ability to function properly

–       Increase in pulse rate


It is believed that when one feels ashamed of something that they have done, or embarrassed after a wardrobe malfunction or such similar situations, their body releases a substance known as adrenaline.  This acts as a stimulating agent, triggering a number of effects within the body, something similar to the flight or fight response.

The adrenaline rush causes blood vessels within the body, including that of the facial regions, to dilate so as to improve blood flow within.  Because of this increase in blood volume running through the blood vessels, it creates a prominent redness in the face.

Natural Ways to Control Facial Blushing

–       As the heat is felt around the face and head regions when intense emotions are sensed, begin breathing deeply.  Inhale deep breaths, hold it to a count of five, release slowly and try to relax.  Do this a couple more times to get good control over one’s emotions.

–       If redness in the face is noted soon after having a meal, then the spices that have gone inside along with the food consumed may be the triggers.  Avoid hot spicy foods as well as alcoholic drinks which can also contribute to facial redness.

–       A good dose of vitamin C (natural form not ascorbic acid) seems to have helped many in controlling their facial blushing episodes.

–       Lick an ice stick when body temperatures seem to shoot up during blushing episodes.

Improvised Home Remedy Method to Cure Facial Blushing Quickly forever.

facial blushingExperiencing frequent blushing, even when not stressed out can be a big bother.  Natural methods that can help in controlling facial blushing are few and rare.  However, this program titled Blushing Breakthrough reveals several means by which blushing can be stopped, which are all natural and safe to be employed by anyone.  There are exercises, herbal ingredients, solutions for excessive sweating, and social skills that can be mastered by all easily disclosed within, along with reasons as to why blushing occurs and how the mind can be trained to keep the person calm if and when a blushing episode occurs again.  Generally, people look for step-by-step instructions which are easily understood and which can be followed without much difficulty when looking for a solution to their problem, and this program is just that.

Next time, make sure that you complete your interview, presentation or a conversation without ever blushing by following the techniques presented by Jim Baker, in his program which is basically created to help people in solving their persistent blushing problem.

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