How to Stop Stuttering Naturally – Improvised Method for Instant Stuttering Cure

You can treat & cure stuttering naturally under 10 minutes.This is an instant method to get rid of stuttering & speak without stuttering.Natural treatment can stop stuttering forever.There is no need to use any medications or drugs.These methods fix stuttering in both adults & in children.

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Stuttering and Stammering Natural Treatment

stuttering what it isAll of us have a distinctive manner of expression as in spoken words, in our style of speaking.  Some individuals, though, have a problem in creating correct speech sounds which can be corrected by following certain natural techniques.  There are common techniques which are more popularly used, as well as there are improvised techniques, which have only lately come into existence.


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> How I Cured Stuttering Instantly within 10 minutes

Stuttering vs Stammering

While stutter will mean involuntary disruption in speech by spasmodic repetition, or prolongation of sounds; stammer means involuntary pauses in speech and/or repetitions in speaking, or to speak with hesitation.  Basically, both words almost have the same meaning, which are used to describe a speech disorder.

It is normal for humans to stammer during stressful situations, like having to give a public speech, while being interrogated by the law, etc.  Stammering is also common during a child’s developmental stages.  In some, however, this speech problem remains unchanged even past their developmental stages, and this is when it is seen as an abnormality.  This seems to be a problem faced by the male population more when compared to the female crowd.


–       It runs in the family

–       Nervousness, anxiety, stress, and embarrassment

–       Growing years of a child (this type of a stutter or stammer will resolve as they progress in age and learn to speak fluently)

–       Unable to control muscles of those organs involved in talking

–       Nerve problems with transmission of nerve signals between the speech nerves and the brain, not occurring in a manner that it should


–       There are certain signs to look out for when a person attempts to talk, like –

Tapping of the foot, rapid eye blinking, lip twitching, trembling of jaws, tightening of the facial muscles, and appearing out of breath

–       Hesitate to utter certain sounds

–       Difficulty in starting a phrase

–       Certain sounds will be lengthened

–       Repetition of syllables or words

–       Unnecessarily use lot of words to express an idea

To help individuals with such speech disorders, they will need to be taught certain strategies, skills, and bring about certain behavioral modifications so as to have a normal conversation.  These methods could also be taught and implemented at the comforts of their own home.

How To Cure Stuttering / Stammering Naturally with Home Remedies

–       According to ayurveda, massaging the top of the head with warm brahmi oil and leaving it on for half an hour before washing it off with warm water will help in eliminating stuttering and stammering speech problems.

–       Deep breathing exercises by inhaling and exhaling through the mouth slowly, pushing the tongue out while exhaling, and pulling the chest muscles inward while exhaling will strengthen the speech organs and relax tension in muscles of these organs.

–       Reading out loud will help in identifying and consciously correcting the syllables that are repeated.

–       There are certain foods like Indian gooseberries, black pepper, almonds, dried dates and cinnamon which when chewed on regularly are known to strengthen the speech organs.

Improvised Method for Cure within 10 mins :Kill Your Stutter by Ari Kreitberg

stuttering cure ebookEven though these natural methods may help in reducing speech problems like stutter and stammer, the program called Kill Your Stutter will assist one to speak easily without any disruption in speech.  This program is created by Ari Kreitberg, who presents a whole lot of information which cannot be easily obtained elsewhere about speech disorders, which will help one in identifying the triggers that are causing their stammer or stutter and strike it in an effective manner to eliminate the problem altogether effortlessly.  It does not involve any speech therapy techniques, does not ask one to make changes in their lifestyle or diet, but just to follow the simple step-by-step methods prescribed within, to come up with immediate positive results.

Are you finding it difficult to make friends because of your problems in speech?  Do you desire to up your confidence levels so as to deal with this difficulty to communicate better?  Then it is recommended that you try this program at least once, to help you in living a better life.

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