How to Treat a Sprained Ankle at Home

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The state of your legs will determine your functional levels.  Weak or injured legs will impede one’s range of motion, and people who lead a very active life will find this situation to be a truly frustrating one.


Not watching where you step, and planting your foot incorrectly can give you a sprained ankle.  Ankle sprains are common leg injuries that can happen to any person.  You need not have to be active in sports to experience a sprained ankle.  The mere twisting of leg, at the ankle joint, while walking can also land you up with a sprained ankle.  The sprain occurs when there is a sudden and violent twisting of the ankle joint, stretching or tearing up the ligaments that support the joint.  This is considered to be a rather minor problem, but if sufficient care is not taken then it can develop into a major one.

Remedial measures that one can follow at home to prevent ongoing problems with a twisted ankle are available in plenty.  The best known and familiar natural procedures are the most followed ones; but of late, more improvised methods have come into existence that have been gaining some popularity.

Sprained Ankle  Home Remedies

Minor sprains will take about a month and a half to heal completely.  To promote better healing, certain procedures can be followed at home.

–       The first step needed to be taken, is to provide ample rest to the foot that is suffering from a sprained ankle.  When not active, lie down with pillows placed under the foot to keep it elevated.  During periods of activity, avoid activities that can strain the ankle joint.

–       Next that needs to be done is to place ice packs on the joint to get down the swelling and reduce pain.  Leave the ice pack on for approximately 10 minutes after which wrapping the joint, not very tightly, with a compression bandage is also necessary to reduce swelling and any discomfort.

–       Herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, basil leaves, parsley, rosemary, cardamom, cloves all contain powerful and natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can be put to use regularly to help with inflammation and swelling that accompanies ankle sprains.

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Home treatment methods are capable of relieving problems that generally accompany a sprained ankle condition, all this made possible without the need for any medical interventions.  The only objectionable feature with home remedies is that they take up a lot of time to show any desirable results.  To enjoy quick healing results, take a look at this program called H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System that has been created by Scott Malin, a renowned figure in the fitness world.  This is one rehab program that can be followed by anyone at home, and all they will need to spend is about a couple of minutes a day in following the healing techniques detailed out here.  No investments will need to be made on equipments to enjoy pain-free walking, and neither are the methods difficult to carry out.

Treat your ankle sprain by following this rehabilitation program that will give you back your initial fitness levels by restoring your normal ankle functions as soon as possible.  Discover new and unique methods to heal this condition in as little as seven day’s time, or even less.

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