How to Use Brahmi Oil for Hair Care,Cure Stuttering etc

Brahmi OilBrahmi or Indian pennywort is a perennial herb cultivated in marshy land throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China and certain regions of Florida and southern U.S.

Its fresh leaves are plucked, washed and then steam distillated to extract brahmi oil. Alkaloids brahmine and herpestine as well as chemical compounds like saponins, esters and several acids present in Brahmi oil offer many health benefits. It’s a popular ingredient of Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic medicines.

Health benefits of brahmi oil:

  • Hair care: You can just massage warm brahmi oil on your scalp before going to bed and get rid of your itchy and flaky dandruff. It also strengthens hair roots and has a cooling effect on the scalp which in turn is beneficial in preventing hair fall and adding volume to your mane. Brahmi oil also inhibits premature graying of hair. The oil forms a protective coating on our hair follicle thereby protecting it from split ends. It is an essential ingredient of many shampoos, conditioners and hair oil.
  • to Stop Stuttering Naturally
  • Treats sleeplessness: The calming property of the oil is beneficial in treating physical discomforts and inducing sleep. A regular 10 to 15 minutes scalp massage with brahmi oil is good enough to keep insomnia at bay.
  • Works against epilepsy: Along with the herb Vacha, brahmi oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a therapy for neurological disorder epilepsy. It is also an ingredient of epilepsy medicines.
  • Eases joint pain: Topical application of the oil helps to relieve joint and muscular pain, swelling and tenderness. Therefore it is beneficial for conditions like rheumatism, sprained limbs, backache, gout and swelling of neck. A bath with warm water to which brahmi oil has been added helps to relax muscular tiredness.
  • Heals wounds and ulcers: Topical application of brahmi oil is beneficial in faster healing of wounds, minor burns, psoriasis and ulcers. It is even beneficial for syphilis sores. The triterpenoids present in the oil does the trick by enhancing antioxidants in wounds and improving blood supply to the affected area.
  • Cognitive health: The oil is associated with enhancing memory and alertness, increasing IQ and improving functioning of our brain. By using brahmi oil you can also keep age related cognitive problems like amnesia, dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. It is also beneficial against attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It relieves a person from mental stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Used in treating chronic venous insufficiency: The symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency are like swelling and pain in legs, varicose veins, itching as well as skin ulcers. Brahmi oil massage is said to ease the condition by improving blood circulation and reducing swelling.
  • Brahmi oil is also an effective remedy for nervous exacerbation caused by inflammation in central nervous system harming the myelin and disturbing proper transmission of nerve impulses. It calms down a person and prevents various complications.
  • Brahmi oil is also used for foot massaging to relieve fatigue and foot ache.

Although brahmi oil is considered safe but before using it for treating conditions like epilepsy one should always consult a doctor.


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