Lemon Health Benefits & Side Effects

How to Use Lemon as a Home Remedy

LemonFull-fledged summer is here.  As a respite from the relatively high temperatures, one automatically reaches for the chilled lemonade.  This is best enjoyed when freshly made rather than choosing the bottled version which has an artificial flavor and tastes overly sour.  However, fresh lemons and concentrated lemon juice can also be used in cooking, not only for the purpose of enhancing taste, but also because of all the medicinal qualities that it owns.

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The tree that bears lemons is botanically named as Citrus limon, and lemon is an acid fruit.  However, in botanical terms, it is considered to be a berry that is multi-seeded, pale yellow in color, and oblong in shape.  Since it is a citrus fruit, it has a rather sharp, pungent flavor.  This is a fruit primarily used for its juice, but it is not uncommon to use its pulp and peel in cooking.


Lemon contains sugars, yet is low in calories.  It is also composed of polysaccharides, lipids, organic acids, minerals (especially high in potassium), vitamins (more of vitamin C), bio-flavonoids, carotenoid, volatile oils and bitter limonoids.

Lemon shows a great number of health benefits, and a few of them are listed below.

Vitamin C – This vitamin is naturally found in many fruit varieties, including lemons.  C vitamin is considered to be the best natural immune boosters since it adequately nourishes the immune system with the power to fight against illnesses.  The main component present within our body that combats bodily disease conditions is the white blood cells, and regular intake of vitamin C will increase the production of these blood cells.  This vitamin form also increases the level of a certain protein substance that coats the surface of each cell, thereby obstructing the entry of viruses.

Vitamin C is also considered good for the heart since it aids in raising the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, and hindering the process by which fats are converted into plaques in the blood vessels.  With such actions, levels of blood pressure are also effectively lowered, hence reducing one’s risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

Potassium – In addition to vitamin C, potassium also has some role to play in maintaining heart health.  Besides that, this mineral is essential to incite proper functioning of the nervous system.  It is also required to heighten muscle control, to enhance waste removal functions of the kidneys, and to improve mental abilities by stimulating proper brain functions.  Hence muscle cramps or muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat and other cardiovascular irregularities, nerve disorders, and impairment in intellectual abilities are taken care of with regular intake of lemons.

Anti-microbial – Since vitamin C content is high in lemon, which boosts the production of white blood cells, it also functions as an antimicrobial agent because of its increased ability to fight against infection causing microorganisms that invades a healthy system.

Kidney Stones – Lemons also contain a high acidic content which assists in dissolving certain type of kidney stones, which are nothing but an aggregation of certain mineral salts found suspended in urine.  With a reduction in the size of kidney stone, it also becomes possible to eliminate most of them via urine excretion without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

Lemon – What Does it Cures ?

Caution – Not much side effects from even consumption of lemons in large quantities have been documented.  However, in some it may induce erosive effects on their tooth enamel and may also possibly worsen gastro-esophageal acid reflux conditions in some others.  Individuals, who are fair skinned, may experience burn-like symptoms with regular application of lemon juice on their skin.

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