Natural Treatment using Red Berries as Home Remedy

Red BerriesBerries are the fragile and delicious additions in any dish, which makes you to taste more and more. They grow on vines, runners and bushes. They are colorful and so delightful that they themselves make an excellent dessert. A variety of berries are available such as black berries, raspberries or red berries, cloudberries, boysenberries, tayberries, marionberries etc. They are used in various food preparations like jams, jellies, ice-creams, tarts and liqueurs. In addition, due to their high nutrient content, they can be used to treat various health problems.

Among different types of berries, red berries have been used in folk medicine in North America and Europe for centuries. There are three types of red berries such as chokeberry, elderberry and bilberry. These berries are known to possess anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative and anti-rheumatic properties. They can be used to treat health conditions like gastric disorders, dysentery, urinary tract problems and scurvy.

Health Benefits of Red Berries


Red berries consist of a unique chemical composition that includes carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, dietary fiber and negligible amount of fats. They are a good source of vitamin A and C as well as minerals like iron, calcium and sodium. They also contain a rich amount of flavonoids, anthocyanins and polyphenols. The anthocyanins are responsible for red pigments of berries. They are powerful anti-oxidants with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-ulcerative properties. They can protect the body against heart diseases and mental decline due to aging.

Red berries contain high amount of dietary fiber, which makes you to feel fuller. This reduces the frequency of eating whole day and thus, contributes in weight loss. They are also rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, which can protect the body against inflammation. They are known to scavenge harmful free radicals in the body, which are responsible for damage of cells and organs.

Red berries boost immunity and protect you from various infections and chronic diseases like cancer. They can inhibit the abnormal cell division and thus, reduce the risk of developing cancer. Among different phytochemicals, red cherries consist of ellagic acid, which shows anti-carcinogenic effects. It can significantly inhibit the growth of colon, liver, tongue, lung, skin and esophageal cancers. Quercetin, one of the flavonoids in red berries, is also an effective anti-carcinogenic compound, which can inhibit skin and colon cancers.

Red berries are found to promote development of nitric oxide, preventing development of superoxide. Nitric oxide, produced by the cells from the inner surface of blood vessels, acts as a relaxing agent for arterial muscles. It plays an important role in keeping the blood pressure under control and preventing spasms of blood vessels. Nitric oxide prevents the formation of blood clots and development of atherosclerosis.

The extract prepared from red berries can protect the coronary artery from oxidant injury. It stimulates the development of nitric oxide, which contributes in maintaining healthy arterial function and preventing heart diseases.

Due to high fiber content, red berries can be effectively used to get rid of constipation. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, red berries can relieve the pain associated with gout, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Make red berries an integral part of your daily diet to enjoy its awesome taste and get its amazing health benefits.

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