Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment with Home Remedies & Diet

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Treating Sarcoidosis with Natural Remedies

sarcoidosis infectionSarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease condition, a very rare one at that, which is neither contagious nor injurious to one’s health; meaning it will not deprive one’s capability to live a normal life.  While there are conventional methods available to treat this condition, the use of natural remedies is more in popularity that effectively helps in better management of this condition.  There are two means by which it can be naturally treated, one by using the common natural remedies, and the other by employing more recent improvised methods that claim to provide better and faster results.

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What is Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory condition affecting the body tissues, but mainly the tissues of the lungs and lymph glands.  It causes the body tissues to form into clumps, to represent like small nodules, which lead on to develop into an inflammation and/or scarring of body tissues.  However, this nodular formation is not limited to only these two particular organs, it can occur in the brain, eyes, heart, liver, skin, anywhere in the body for that matter.  It is considered to be an autoimmune disease, caused by antibodies attacking the person’s own body cells and tissues.

A person suffering from sarcoidosis will display signs of –

–       troubled breathing

–       frequent bouts of coughing

–       patchy areas of inflamed or bumpy skin

–       itchy, red eyes with profuse tearing and blurry vision

–       swollen lymph glands and joints that are rather painful

–       high body temperatures accompanied by night sweats, fatigue, or even weight loss

The exact cause for sarcoidosis to occur is yet to be understood well, but the formation of this nodular mass is not known to cause any harm to the sufferer, unless there are several ones formed on a single organ.  When numerous such masses are formed, they can interfere with the normal functions of that particular organ, affecting the individual’s overall well-being in a negative manner.  Also, when the nodules formed last for a longer duration, it can lead to tissue scarring.

Sarcoidosis Treatment Options & Guidelines

Normally, this condition rarely warrants any treatment strategies, since it is considered to be a very mild condition.  Only when vital organs, like the heart, are involved, will medical therapy be employed.  However, natural treatments can be used to help deal with minor health issues that are generally associated with sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis Home Remedies

–       Use anti-inflammatory foods, herbs to pacify the inflammation associated with sarcoidosis.  Foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids like spinach, Brussels sprouts, fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, soybeans, etc., are recommended to be eaten in moderate quantities every day, because their natural properties help in combating inflammatory conditions affecting the body.

–       To rebalance the immune system, increase the antioxidant intake by consuming plenty of berries (almost all berry varieties), plums, apples, black and red beans, and more of fresh fruits and veggies to cleanse the body system and flush out toxins.  In addition to this, the need to stay away from processed foods and drinks is also important.

–       Embrace a healthy lifestyle, with no addictive habits, a balanced diet, lots of exercise, and plenty of rest to help the body in recovering on its own.

–       Stress management techniques, like yoga, deep breathing exercises, should be employed since stressful life events acts like a trigger in initiating the sarcoidosis process.

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