UTI Home Remedies : Treat & Cure Urinary Tract Infection Naturally within 48 Hours

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Urinary Tract Infection Home Treatment

UTIA pretty common problem faced by women more when compared to men, is an infection occurring in their urinary tract.  Most cases of urinary tract infections do not recur once cured, but some are unfortunate enough to experience this time and again.  Home remedies will enable them to get rid of this infectious condition effortlessly, which are available as – common home remedies and improvised remedial methods.

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What is Urinary Tract Infection?

The urinary tract is composed of organs that produce and store urine.  The resultant urine usually will not contain any microorganisms, only waste materials and excess fluid removed from the bloodstream.  However, bacteria can enter this system through the urethra, the outer canal through which urine is expelled out, and trigger infections anywhere in the urinary system.

–       Bacteria infecting the bladder is referred to as cystitis – a common occurrence

–       Infection of the kidneys is known as pyelonephritis – rarely occurs, but when it does, is considered to be a serious condition


–       Pain and/or burning during urination

–       Frequent urge to urinate but able to expel only a few urine drops

–       Cloudy or blood tinged urine

–       Smelly urine

–       In case of a kidney infection, fever and back ache will be noted


–       Bacteria can enter the urethra from the rectal area, especially when practices of cleanliness are not conducive to health

–       Some may have a genetic predisposition

–       Insertion of birth control devices

–       Sexual intercourse

–       Disease conditions that lowers the body’s immune levels

–       Structural abnormality in the urinary tract

Urinary tract infections can be eliminated with just a course of antibiotics.  However, for those individuals who have an inclination to repeatedly suffer from this condition, may follow some natural treatment methods to cure as well as prevent their recurrences.

Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies

–       Drink plenty of water to flush out the bacteria causing the infection.  Along with water intake, take in several cups of fresh lemon juice to not only help in the flushing process, but also to increase immunity levels which will support the body in fighting against the infection.

–       Consume cranberries and blueberries frequently because of their ability to discourage bacterial activity within the urinary tract.

–       Consumption of yogurt and other probiotics will increase the count of good bacteria in the gut and provide assistance to the body in eliminating the infection causing bacteria from the urinary tract.

–       Do not hold back urine for long.  Use a washroom when the urge to urinate arises, even when outdoors.

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