Vervain or Verbena Health Benefits

Vervain Vervain or Verbena is a powerful herb belonging to the mint family. The plant which is commonly found across Europe and North America is beneficial in treating many health problems naturally. Beta-carotene, caffeic acid, citral, adenosine, aucubin, lupeol, ursolic acid, verbenin and other chemical compounds present in the herb enhances its medicinal values. Vervain offers significant sedative, tranquilizing, antispasmodic and nervine benefits. For ages it has been used in herbal and folk medicine as well as believed to be beneficial in scaring off witches. The leaves infuse a lemony flavor to various dishes. They are used to make herbal teas and sorbet as well. Infusion, tincture, poultice and ointment made from aerial parts or leaves are used in many medical conditions.

Health benefits of vervain

  • Benefits our nervous system: As an effective nervine it soothes our nerves and eases nervous tension, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability and stress. It has restorative and recuperating effects on our parasympathetic nerves.Cures Emetophobia .
  • Dental benefits:  Its astringent properties make vervain beneficial for treating bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and strengthening teeth. When chewed or used as a mouthwash it gives us healthy teeth and gums.
  • Skin remedy: Applied topically, vervain serves as a natural treatment for injuries, insect bites, infections of skin and eczema.
  • Improves digestion: As a digestive stimulant vervain increases appetite, eases indigestion, heartburn and low acidity in stomach. Small amounts of vervain can control vomiting.
  • Benefits for women: Used during labor, the herb enhances uterine contraction and makes delivery easier. Vervain increases lactation post delivery. It also eases premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps. It serves as a natural abortifacient helping to abort unwanted pregnancy and restart normal menstruation.
  • Vervain is effective in treating sore throats, tonsillitis, cold, fever and respiratory tract problems like whooping cough and asthma. It also helps to drain mucus from the sinuses when taken in combination with other herbs like gentian root, primrose flowers, sorrel herb and elder flowers. It is beneficial in reducing sweating resulting from fevers.
  • Vervain herbal tea enhances the health of our urinary system by cleaning the urinary tract and preventing kidney stone formation.
  • As a natural diuretic the herb is beneficial in preventing and treating edema, hypertension and gout.
  • Vervain is effective in stimulating liver function, treating liver diseases, increasing bile production as well as preventing and treating gallstones and jaundice.
  • As an effective vermifuge the herb helps to expel intestinal worms.
  • The detoxifying property of vervain makes it beneficial in colon cleansing, increasing longevity of our internal organs and digestive tract.
  • The tea is beneficial in relieving arthritis pain, migraine headaches and healing wounds and sores.
  • Blue vervain has been associated with treating seizures, dizziness, vertigo or fainting.
  • As a natural antispasmodic it eases muscle spasms, cramps and pain.

Caution: Excessive consumption of vervain induces vomiting. It should be taken in correct amounts to safeguard against any side effects or complications. Moreover pregnant women are advised not to consume it as it induces uterine contractions leading to premature delivery.

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