What are the Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root – What does it Cures

Dandelion_rootWhen the plant dandelion is referred to, the first thought that runs through one’s mind is that this is a troublesome weed that can mar a well kempt lawn.  However, this is a herb too, valued for its medicinal qualities.

The dandelion herb is of the genus Taraxacum that have yellow flowers, which blooms when the sun rises and closes when the sun sets.  The roots of this herbal plant is considered to have more medicinal properties compared to any other part of the plant, though its leaves and flowers are made use of too.  This herbal leaves are generally used to add flavor to cooked dishes, the flowers used to make wine, and the roots are usually dried, powdered and used to brew teas.

Dandelions are excellent sources of vitamin A, B complex, C, and D.  It is also considered to be a rich source of zinc, potassium, and iron.  The main constituents of this herbal plant are taraxacin (a bitter glycoside), resin, potash, gum, and gluten.


This particular herb offers a wide variety of health benefits, some of which are specified below.

Diuretic – The leaves and roots of this herbal plant can be dried and powdered to be used while brewing teas.  These have a diuretic effect and with an increase in urine excretion, most of the body’s toxic wastes are gotten rid of, thus improving the health status of a person.  Though it acts as a diuretic, it does not deplete the potassium levels, and potassium is essential for cell growth, muscle health, regulation of body fluid levels, and maintenance of heart functions.

When used by a diabetic patient, with their increase in urination, it enables them to get rid of excess sugars from their bloodstream.  Also, certain natural compounds found in the dandelion leaves will stimulate the production of insulin that is necessary to maintain blood sugar levels within the norm.

An increase in urination, both in terms of quantity and frequency is also beneficial in keeping blood pressure levels within normal limits.  With most of the potassium retained back in the system, in replaces sodium, additionally assisting in lowering blood pressure levels.

Liver Tonic – Dandelion has properties to stimulate proper digestion.  This plant is high in fiber content enabling it to absorb toxins from the intestine and conveying them out of the body via stools.  Such acts of assistance provided by this herbal plant in turn will improve the health of liver, enabling this organ to continue with the body’s cleansing process even further.  The herb also stimulates the release of bile which passes into the duodenum where fats are emulsified and absorbed, thus aiding in maintenance of ideal body weight too.

Skin Infections – The sap of dandelion has germicidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal substances which when applied over diseased areas of skin, like eczema, ringworm, will effectively get rid of it without much difficulty.

Dandelion herb can be used in combination with other herbs to enhance its medicinal values further.  For eg., it could be blended with chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, skullcap or myrrh herbal extracts to treat skin conditions.

Diseases Cured  by Dandelion Root – Few Examples

Caution – The dandelion herb though is considered safe for use, can trigger allergic reactions in some, especially those who develop altered body reactions to weedy plants when touched.  It could cause an upset stomach or heartburn in some others.  Since dandelion also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, it should not be taken along with diabetic pills as it could bring down blood sugar readings drastically.

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