Yogurt Health Benefits – How to use Yogurt to Cure Diseases

Methods to Restore Health with Yogurt .

yogurtYogurt is a dairy product.  This is considered to be a very healthy accompaniment with meals, but cannot be substituted for an entire meal.  It is also an easy way to get calcium into one’s system, especially by those who regard milk to be an unpalatable natural drink.

Simply put, yogurt is got from adding bacteria cultures, like Lactobacillus or Streptococcus thermophilus, to cow’s milk, setting it aside and permitting it to ferment to get converted into this semisolid food known popularly as yogurt.

Yogurt made naturally contains milk and milk proteins, milk fats, and bacterial cultures – mainly the lactic-acid producing bacteria like Lactobacillus bulgaricus, but sometimes even acidophilus may be used to commence the fermenting process.  Yogurt is a rich source of calcium, vitamins, minerals, and various proteins.


Yogurt not only tastes delicious, it also provides a myriad of health benefits, some of which are given below.

Improves Digestion – The probiotics present in yogurt will aid in balancing out the gut flora and could possibly increase the population of healthy bacteria, which enables smooth functioning of the digestive system.  Problems like irritable bowel disease, bloating, flatulence and the like can be tackled effectively with regular yogurt intake.

Vaginal Infection – Since the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, in small amounts, is also present in ‘real’ yogurt, there are claims that it helps in treating vaginal infections caused by yeast.  This is because it is assumed that such probiotics increases the body’s natural defense against infections caused by yeast.  However, more research needs to be done to validate this theory.

Bone Health – Calcium got from yogurt will help in strengthening bones and preventing bone conditions like osteoporosis, brittle bones, etc.  Since this is one dairy product that is easy to be digested, most lactose-intolerant individuals experience no symptoms with yogurt consumption and can meet their body’s daily calcium requirement with yogurt intake. However, to enjoy the benefits of calcium, vitamin D fortified drinks should be additionally taken, or body exposure to morning sunlight should be done to help the body absorb most of the calcium ingested.

Weight Loss – Yogurt when taken along with meals will help in early satiety, since it tends to give a sense of fullness, lowering hunger cravings.  With less calories going in, weight management is taken care of.

What does Yogurt Cures – Examples

Tips – Yogurt is not known to cause any ill effects, but the right type should be consumed to enjoy the health benefits it can offer.  1)  Yogurt sweetened with artificial sweeteners will only increase the caloric intake, thereby increasing body weight.  Instead use fresh seasonal fruits to add flavor.  2)  Fresh yogurt should preferably be consumed for this has a shelf-life.  When it is stored for long, the natural probiotics present within gets destroyed gradually, decreasing its benefits.  3)  It is recommended that yogurt be made fresh at home and allowed to set at room temperatures for a longer period of time, since this allows maximum multiplication of live cultures within, which will only enhance its health benefits.

Caution – Full-fat yogurt is high in calories and saturated fats which will only lead to weight gain and an increase in ‘bad’ cholesterol, both hazardous to heart health.

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