Best Treatment for Low Platelets with Home Remedies

You can normalize your low platelets (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura or ITP) count naturally with help of proper diet & home remedies.

Low Platelets Count –  How to Treat & Cure

Bleeding disorders occur usually when the blood does not clot properly or fast enough, leading to bleeds that are incapable of being stopped immediately.  Platelets are those substances found in blood that assist in the clotting process, and delayed clotting is usually a result of low platelet count.  Their numbers, though, can be increased by use of certain home remedies that are available as both, common and improvised home remedy methods.

What is the Normal Platelet Count?

Low-Platelets-Count-1The blood platelet count, under normal circumstances, range anywhere from 150,000 to 450,000 per milliliter of blood.  When the count of platelets is lower than this, it leads to low platelets that cause excessive bleeding even with minor injuries, like a nick or a bruise.  However, one should also be known of the fact that an increase in bleeding can not only occur from a low platelet count, it could also occur when the platelets formed are unhealthy, with a decrease in their ability to function properly.

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This decrease in platelet count may be just a temporary phase, often arising after a bout of viral infection.  It may happen when an individual is malnourished, has certain disease conditions and is on long-term use of prescription medicines, leads a stressful life, has a malfunctioning bone marrow, and may also occur during pregnancy.  But, it could also be a chronic condition, generally experienced by grown-ups.  Very rarely will this condition require transfusion of platelets, and often can be corrected with vitamin supplements and following a healthy diet.


Signs and symptoms of low platelets are –

–       Heavy, uncontrollable bleeding when the skin gets penetrated by sharp objects.

–       Easy bruising with purplish, pinpoint-sized dots visible on the skin, that may give the appearance of a skin rash.

–       Delay in clotting can cause accumulation of blood under the skin tissues, leading to the formation of hematomas.

There are natural remedies that can help in alleviating this bleeding disorder.  Let us find out what are they.

Low Platelets Natural Treatment Methods

The aim will be to improve the immune system to promote an increase in platelet production.

–       Foods rich in vitamin E and C will boost the immune system, so all types of citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, cauliflower, mustard greens, lettuce, turnip, tomatoes, wheat grass and avocados should be consumed regularly by people having a low platelet count.

–       Foods that act as blood purifiers like aloe vera and drumstick greens should also be increasingly consumed.

–       Foods like beetroots and papaya has natural properties that will enhance the blood clotting process and is recommended that they be consumed on a regular basis.  Papaya also has the ability to increase platelet production.

Improvised Home Remedy for Low Platelets Count

low platelets Count

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While adopting a healthy lifestyle, following a healthy diet, and having most of the above-mentioned foods on a regular basis will increase the platelet count, they will need a great deal of time to produce positive health effects.  People usually wish to experience fast results after following natural remedial methods, and a certain program named Conquer Low Platelets has made this a possibility.  This program provides the unique combination of natural herbs and vitamins that will aid in multiplying platelets at a rapid rate, increase their survival rate, as well as improve one’s overall well-being.

Are you worried about your low platelet count and have this nagging fear about developing bleeding disorders like hemophilia, or vomit blood or pass blood through stools due to internal hemorrhaging?  Then access this program instantly to lessen your worries.