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How to Cure Emetophobia Naturally with Home Remedies

You can cure Emetophobia naturally at your home with simple natural treatment .Home Remedies & alternative treatment methods are found to be very effective in curing Emetophobia.Natural treatment has no side effects as there is no medications involved ,so treating & curing Emetophobia naturally is the best option,especially for Emetophobia in children/kids.

Emetophobia Cure

emetophobiaDifferent people are frightened of different things, it could be a cockroach, a dog, or they could even be scared of heights, lightening, darkness, and so forth.  Fear comes in different forms, and most of them are natural, not warranting any treatment methods.

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> How I Cured Emetophobia forever Naturally without medications

What is emetophobia?

Phobia can either be an exaggerated sense of fear, intolerance, or aversion to a possible occurrence or a materialistic object.  These feelings are a kind of a mechanism put in place by the individual’s brain in order to protect themselves from certain things or situations that is perceived by them as something harmful.  Emetophobia is the fear of being sick, resulting in spewing forth their stomach contents.  People with this type of a phobia are not only scared of they themselves reaching a stage of falling sick, they are also averse to seeing other individuals being sick.

Like any other type of phobia, emetophobia also seems to develop from an individual’s childhood fear that they somehow have failed to outgrow from.  One may consider this to be a type of an anxiety disorder, but cannot be termed as an eating disorder.  The fear of vomiting will not stop the person from eating; they will consume food adequately enough for them to remain healthy, but will avoid certain food ingredients that they form a notion of causing vomiting.  Women with this type of fear will also go to the extent of denying themselves motherhood to avoid morning sickness associated with pregnancy.  Eating out at diners and restaurants, traveling long distances, or being around young children will be avoided by them.


–       Sense of apprehension

–       Rapid heart rate

–       Difficulty breathing

–       Become white or deadly pale

–       Tremble with fear

–       Increased sweating

–       Dizziness

Treating & Curing Emetophobia Naturally

There are different techniques that could be used to help one in tackling this fear, like behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, or by following certain desensitization methods.  There are also some self-help methods by which one could overcome this fear, like –

–       Brew a tea using nerve-soothing herbal leaves like lemon balm, chamomile, vervain, or skullcap whenever an overwhelming sense of apprehension is felt.  To brew a cup of tea, boil water, remove from flame and add a teaspoon of the herbal leaves to a cup of boiling water.  Set aside for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Then strain the liquid and add honey if desired before consumption.  Drink at least three cups in a day to seek relief.

–       When the sense of fear is felt, individuals should try and surround themselves by people whom they are comfortable with or should enter into a room where they feel safe.  Permitting someone close to hold on to their hand at such a time will also be of some help.

–       Open a bottle of lavender essential oil and take a whiff from it to calm the nervous system and reach a state of repose.

–       Performing deep breathing exercises will also strengthen their self-control and willpower to curb this illogical fear.

Improvised Method:The Emetophobia Recovery System created by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane


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These home remedial methods may not be helpful in situations where the individual would want instant relief.  For this, gaining access into the product named The Emetophobia Recovery System created by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane is recommended.  These professionals have come up with certain procedures that will guide the sufferer’s mind to react differently than it is accustomed to, thereby decreasing their obsessive thoughts and anxiousness.  It is a simple 4-step technique that will train their mental activities in a new way so as to get the better of their baseless fear.

Is emetophobia stopping you from doing things that you actually would enjoy doing in the absence of this fear?  Then there is no harm in giving these techniques a try, which gives one the assurance of getting rid of this fear in totality, rather than learning to live with it.