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Take a closer look at the skin covering your thighs and buttocks, and you most likely will notice unsightly skin protuberances.  This is called cellulite, which tends to lower one’s confidence levels instantly.  However, this can be corrected by way of natural remedies, which are of two types – common remedies or more fast acting improvised methods of treatment.

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What is Cellulite?

It is possible for clusters of fat to get deposited under epithelial layers, giving the skin an orange peel-like appearance.  This dimpling of skin, due to deposits of lumps of fat that are usually collagenous in nature, generally occurs around the thigh, hip and buttock regions, and is known as cellulite.  The surface of the skin on these areas will have an uneven look.

These masses of fat may feel hard and rounded, or spongy.  The firm masses of fat usually stick on to the muscle layers, and therefore are more deep seated.  This form of cellulite will be difficult to get rid of.  The not-so-firm type, on the other hand, are located closer to the skin surface, capable of being seen at one glance, and are much easier to be removed.

Cellulite is more a woman’s problem than a man’s, which develops as the body ages; and it is a development that is hard to be ignored, especially by the women lot.

Cellulite Symptoms

–       Rough skin surface something similar to an organ peel

–       Wrinkling of skin, sometimes occurring along with stretch marks

–       When palpated, a knobby feeling is obtained

–       The protruding fat areas will feel cold to the touch


–       An unhealthy diet with more consumption of processed, sugary foods and drinks; animal fats; and oily foods

–       Absences of an exercise routine

–       Glandular insufficiencies

–       Hormonal imbalances

–       Runs in the family

This is a problem that can be managed well using natural remedies.

 Cellulite Home Remedies

–       Remove all types of processed and junk foods from one’s daily meal plan.  Include more of kale, broccoli, grapes and cherries all of which have essential substances meant to nurture the skin.

–       Blend equal quantities of essential oils obtained from geranium, fennel, and carrot seeds.  Combine this with some carrier oil like coconut, olive or jojoba oil and gently massage the fatty areas every day to help the body in expelling the fat out along with any excess water that may have retained.

–       Take two cups of ground coffee – add to it half a cup of sea salt and three tablespoons of almond body oil.  Blend all ingredients thoroughly and coat the fat areas.  Cover it with a warm towel and leave it on the skin for about 20 minutes.  By doing this regularly, cellulite reduction will be noticed.  It is suggested that before applying the pack, that the person exfoliate the area so as to open up the pores for easy penetration of these ingredients through skin for a better effect.

–       Consume plenty of barley water to flush excess fluids from within the body, which may be enhancing the cellulite appearance.

–       Performing regular exercises is also vital for reducing cellulite.

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