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How to Improve Your Health with Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraAloe vera plants though were earlier used by people only to decorate their personal gardens or landscapes, the medicinal values that it contains have been widely acknowledged only during the recent times.  It is for this reason that currently people do not mind growing the aloe vera plant in pots, even if there is space constraint to enjoy having a garden.

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This succulent African plant comes in a myriad of varieties, and it is only a couple of them that possess medicinal properties.  The Aloe Barbadensis variety is the one that is used for therapeutic purposes, with its appearance very similar to that of a cactus plant.  Because of its ability to store moisture, it does not need much watering and hence can flourish well in dry, hot climatic conditions.

The elements found in aloe plant are phenolic compounds, sterols, amino acids (seven of them), salicylic acids, saponins, lignin, enzymes, sugars, minerals and vitamins.

Various unhealthy conditions of the body can be rectified with the use of this aloe vera plant, and few of its benefits are discussed down below.

Laxative – Aloe vera extracts were initially used to induce bowel movements in those individuals who were suffering from chronic constipation issues.  For the plant to work as a laxative, the inner tissue layer of the skin is removed for consumption.  This will need to be consumed in large quantities though.

Skin Care – Aloe vera gel is an emollient that helps in moisturizing dry skin, soothing skin inflammatory conditions, and in keeping the skin soft and supple.  With such advantages got from this plant, the skin’s ageing process can be delayed for a great part.

Digestive Disorders – Regular intake of aloe vera juice is also found to aid in reducing heartburn symptoms caused by acid indigestion.  Also, the emollient quality that it possesses will soothe any inflammatory conditions occurring in the mucous membranous lining of the intestines, thus helpful in curing stomach ulcers too.

Blood Enhancer – Regular intake of aloe vera juice improves the functions of the circulatory system, enabling it to transport nutrients and oxygen to all body systems efficiently.  With the blood quality heightened, blood chemistry is stabilized in such a manner that it lowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels, suitable for maintaining a healthy heart.

Anti-inflammatory – The aloe vera plant contains substances naturally that combats inflammatory conditions occurring within or outside the body surface.  Hence regular use of aloe vera gel topically will help in getting rid of skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, blisters, pimples, and sunburns.  When its juice extract is taken internally, it helps in reducing arthritic symptoms thus improving one’s mobility levels.

Improves Immunity – The phytonutrients found naturally in aloe vera displays anticancer effects, and with the immunomodulatory properties that it also possesses, the plant helps in destroying cancerous growths.  This anti-cancerous substance helps in the increased production of nitric oxide which actually assists in shrinking of cancer tumors.

It should be noted though that none of its benefits can be got from drinking just one glass of aloe juice or by applying its extracts topically for only a couple of days.  This is one herb that requires to be used regularly for a certain length of time before one can begin to notice any of its benefits.

Aloe Vera in Natural Treatment –

This is going to be a long list – as Aloe Vera found effective in many diseases .

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Caution – Because of the laxative effect that the aloe vera plant has, consuming too much of aloe vera juice can trigger diarrhea and dysentery.  Also, since it has certain properties that enables to lower blood pressure levels, its consumption should be avoided by those who are already suffering for low blood pressure.

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