Health Benefits of Cornstarch & Curing Properties

CornstarchCornstarch or maize starch refers to the starch that is made from corn.

It is available in powdered form and is used commonly to thicken gravies, soups and sauces. It is also used to make corn sugar and corn syrup as well as to manufacture adhesives for paper and fabrics.

Cornstarch is rich in calories and carbohydrates but very low in saturated fat and sodium.

Health Benefits of Cornstarch

  • Beneficial for children with gastric dumping syndrome: In this syndrome the food quickly passes through the child’s stomach and the hypertonic contents reach the intestine. This leads to excessive entry of water into the intestine leading to osmotic diarrhea, abdominal pains and cramps, low blood volume and low blood sugar. When these children are fed through gastrostomy, uncooked cornstarch helps slow down rapid emptying of stomach contents. Being a complex carbohydrate cornstarch serves as a source of prolonged and slow glucose. This improves glucose levels in their body relieving fatigue, relieving other symptoms and bringing significant weight gain in the children.
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  • Skin benefits:
    • Cornstarch can be used as a setting powder by people with oily or shiny skin. It soaks the excessive oil from your skin and keeps your makeup as is for long.
    • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch mixed with a tablespoon of glycerin and one-fourth teaspoon of rum when used as a facial cleanser removes dead skin. This is because of the mild abrasive property of cornstarch.
    • Its moisture absorption property helps to get rid of sweating of foot when you wear shoes. Just sprinkle a dash of cornstarch and see how it works wonder.
    • Applying cornstarch mixed in lavender oil on your underarms works as a natural deodorant.
    • Cornstarch’s anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe skin rashes, burns and itching.
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    • Hair care:
      • It serves as a quick dry shampoo for cleaning oily hair. You can take small amounts of cornstarch and dust the roots of your hair with it and let it be for 5 minutes. Then just comb out the cornstarch and feel the difference.
      • When your hair becomes excessively tangled you can just put some cornstarch powder on it and comb your hair without any hassle.
      • Since cornstarch absorbs moisture and unlike talcum powders it is not a chemical formulation, it is considered a safer alternative to baby powders. Moreover talc is also associated with cancer and circulatory disorders whereas cornstarch is not.
      • Cornstarch is beneficial for those people who are following a high carbohydrate diet plan. This includes athletes as this kind of diet gives them the extra calories they need for training and competition. Cornstarch being carbohydrate and calorie dense is also beneficial to body builders.

Caution: As cornstarch is calorie dense with no fiber or protein it should be avoided by people who are already obese or are trying to lose weight. As the intestine requires substantial time to digest it, cornstarch can cause many intestinal disorders. It should be avoided by diabetics because of its slower digestion it can increase the levels of blood sugar.