How to Cure Back Pain at Home in 17 Minutes – Exercises & Natural Techniques

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Quick & Permanent Cure for Back Pain

back pain A pain in the back is a very common complaint by individuals who lead a very stressful and active lifestyle.  There is help in the form of natural remedies, though, which are in two forms 1) common home remedies, and 2) improvised methods of treating naturally.

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> How I Cured Back Pain within 17 Minutes

What is a back pain?

The portion starting from the back of the neck to the end of the spine is referred to as the back of the human body, which is supported by the backbone or spinal column.  There is also a network of muscles, ligaments, and nerves carrying out their functions here and the manner in which they work together will determine the kind of pain experienced by individuals in their back.

There may be problems in the lower back muscles, nerves surrounding the spinal column, problems in the spinal cord itself with disc bulge or rupture, or even problems in the abdominal and pelvic region that trigger lower back pain symptoms.

Upper back problems are related to shoulder problems, chest disorders, and again upper spine problems.  Whatever may be the nature of back pain, very rarely will it be a serious condition that warrants immediate therapy.

Symptoms of Back Pain

–       Pain anywhere in the back region, sometimes just a mild ache, sometimes debilitating in nature

–       Sometimes a redness or swelling may be noted which may warrant medical attention

If there are certain other abnormal signs accompanying pain symptoms, then one needs to seek medical attention, like for eg.,

–       Rashes on the skin of the back

–       Sudden and unexplainable weight loss

–       Pain that does not get relieved even with rest

–       Constipation or difficulty in urination

–       Loss of sensation around the buttocks and lower extremities

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

–       Problems occurring in the ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves or spinal discs can cause back pain

–       Excess strain placed on the back structures by lifting heavy objects in an improper manner

–       Abnormal spinal curvature

–       Osteoporosis or osteoarthritis

–       Inflammatory conditions or infections affecting the backbone

–       Sleeping on a bumpy mattress, assuming bad sleeping postures, sudden turning movements, a sudden energetic sneeze or a cough, and driving for long hours without taking a break can all cause back pain

Most of the time, pain symptoms in the back either gets resolved on their own, or after a couple of days with proper rest.  But this will depend on the causative factors, and in situations where the pain lasts for even longer, certain things can be done by self to make it more bearable for the period that it lasts for.

Natural Treatment Methods for Curing Back Pain

–       For the first couple of days, soon after pain is experienced, apply a cold compress around the area to numb it so as to lessen the pain.  After this, begin placing a hot compress to help relax the taut muscles and increase blood flow, which is essential to commence the healing process.

–       Soak the body in a hot water tub to which two handfuls of Epsom salt is added to ease any swelling and related back pain.

–       Consume herbal teas brewed from herbs that contain anti-inflammatory properties.  For back pain relief, chamomile and ginger tea will work wonders.  To a cup of boiling water, add ½-inch ginger piece chopped or 1 teaspoon of fresh chamomile flowers and steep for fifteen minutes.  Strain, add honey, and consume at least 2-3 cups in a day to experience some relief.

–       Drink plenty of milk to improve bone health, sleep on a mattress that provides good support to the back, avoid lifting heavy objects or engaging in heavy-duty activities until the pain subsides.

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