How to Get Rid of Herpes without Medication or Going To Doctor

How to treat & Cure Herpes with Home Remedies

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Household items aka home remedies can cure your Herpes . Natural treatment for herpes will help you to get rid of herpes forever without consulting a doctor.

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Herpes disease, be it herpes simplex/zoster, or genital herpes, is quite a disturbing problem for any sufferer.  Finding natural ways to get rid of this condition w ill, however, not be a difficult task.  It is possible to treat herpes using home remedial measures that are free of side effects, the only downfall with these remedies being that they are slow in showing satisfactory results.  Fast acting herpes natural treatment, though, is prevalent at the moment, which utilizes improvised methods.

Information about Herpes

Herpes is an inflammatory condition of the skin caused by the virus family.  The classic presentation of this disease condition is clusters of fluid-filled cysts that can occur around the mucous membranes of the mouth (oral herpes), or genital area (genital herpes).  At times, high body temperatures, body ache/headaches, and itchiness may accompany them.  Sexual contact, kissing, over exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and stress are considered to be the common causative factors.

This annoying condition can be suppressed by following certain natural home remedies.

Home Remedies for Herpes Cure

–       Soak a tea bag in water that is at a temperature just under boiling point for some time.  Follow this by keeping the tea bag under refrigeration and then applying it on the herpes blisters to ease the pain (if any), as well as to dry them out.

–       Yogurt that contains live cultures is found to have effectively retarded growth of the herpes virus.  Sufferers are recommended to consume them in plenty on a daily basis.

–       For blisters appearing around the oral areas, applying ice cubes directly on them seemed to have helped many sufferers.  It is recommended that an ice cube be applied as frequently as possible for the first 24 hours after the blister appears, to kill the virus and prevent the blister from growing in size.

–       Consuming fresh crushed garlic, adding red pepper to cooked meals, drinking juice extracted from apples, pears, and grapes regularly have all helped in healing herpes conditions.

However, most home remedies are only successful in providing gradual results.

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