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Treating Rosacea Naturally

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> How I Cured Rosacea in Two Steps without medications or creams

Rosacea is a disease condition affecting the skin, and for the most part the abnormal skin changes occur around the facial regions.  This particular skin condition generally lasts for a long duration and is noticed mostly among fair skinned people.  One can effectively manage rosacea at home using natural treatment methods.  It is important for rosacea sufferers to have an understanding that there are two types of home remedies available to help them in dealing with this in a better manner, namely – 1) common home remedies; and 2) improvised home remedies.

First, one will need to have some knowledge about this skin disease, so let us get down to the basics.

What is Rosacea?

People suffering from rosacea will have a persistently flushed look or facial redness, mainly around their eyes, on nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin areas.  The skin appearance will be very similar to how one would look when they become sunburned.  In the initial stages, this redness usually comes and goes.  Gradually though, it will last longer with the intensity of the redness only increasing, giving an inflamed appearance to the facial skin; and over time, the blood vessels also become more visible.  However, symptoms of rosacea can vary from person to person.  In some sufferers, pimples and bumps can develop on the reddened facial areas; and some may go on to develop a swollen nose.

An important fact to be noted about this condition is that it is not a contagious condition, it cannot be transmitted either by direct or indirect contact.

Causative Factors

–       Over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can trigger the release of certain inflammatory substances in the facial skin, which eventually brings about signs and symptoms of rosacea.

–       Continuous flushing occurring from dilated blood vessels can influence the development of rosacea in some.

–       Stressful situations can interfere with the vascular functions of the facial blood vessels, triggering rosacea.

–       Certain immune disorders or even genetics seem to play a role in bringing about this rosacea skin condition.

Treating Rosacea with Alternative Methods

Oral medications and topical therapy are the options available to bring this condition under good control.  These will need to be used for a very long period of time.  Laser treatments are at times needed to help deal with severe skin conditions.  But this skin problem can also be managed well with home treatment methods such as the following –

Rosacea Home Remedies

–       Regular application of natural oils obtained from jojoba and lavender herbs will soothe the inflammation because of their natural anti-inflammatory properties, as well as will help in visible shrinkage of the facial blood vessels.

–       Having a cup of green tea daily is recommended because of its antioxidant properties that can reduce the skin’s response to ultraviolet rays, and control rosacea flare ups.

–       It is also recommended that rosacea sufferers follow an alkaline diet, to keep their body pH levels slightly high, which kind of combats almost all types of inflammatory skin conditions.  Also, including flaxseeds and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, adding more of live probiotics in their diet will help sufferers in effectively fighting against skin inflammations.

A holistic and natural approach to rosacea treatment do have many benefits, but a serious disadvantage while employing home remedies is that they require ample time before any positive skin changes are made visible.  To enjoy more rapid results, the use of improvised home remedies will really come in handy.

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