String beans Health Benefits

String beansString beans or green beans are nutritious vegetables that can be easily grown in kitchen gardens.

Also called French beans, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, omega 3-fatty acids and lean protein.

They are low in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. String beans need to steamed, boiled, baked, grilled or fried before eating. They are available fresh, frozen or canned.

Health benefits of String Beans

  • Useful in preventing type 2 diabetes: String beans which are high in fiber and have low glycemic index keeps a check at rising blood sugar levels thereby preventing diabetes. Also drinking string bean juice has benefitted diabetics by stabilizing their blood sugar.
  • Helps To Get Rid of Gout Naturally
  • Good for our cardiovascular system: Anti-oxidant rich string beans protect our heart and blood vessels from damage caused by oxygen-free radicals and inflammatory conditions. It helps to reduce the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and increase healthy HDL cholesterol. This further helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. Moreover presence of manganese which is a cofactor of antioxidant enzymes as well as heart friendly folic acid, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium make string beans beneficial for cardiovascular health. The omega 3 fatty acid of the beans prevents coronary heart disease.
  • Helps to Treat Diverticulitis Naturally
  • Benefits for women: Since it has substantial amount of iron its good for menstruating women who often tend to develop anemia. String beans when consumed by pregnant women help in healthy development of fetal heart and safeguard the child from asthma in later years. Its high iron content makes it a much needed constituent of diets of pregnant and lactating women. The vitamin K present in these beans is beneficial for pregnant women as it protects against neural tube defects in children.
  • Helps  to Cure an Autoimmune Disease Naturally
  • Controls blood pressure: The potassium present in these beans counters sodium’s negative impact in the body thereby controlling hypertension.
  • Helps to Shrink Uterine Fibroids Naturally
  • Helps in weight loss: They are fiber rich but have very low levels of fat and therefore serve as good source of nutrients with high satiety value. String beans soup or salad made along with other vegetables makes you feel fuller for long and prevent overeating.
  • Used in Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment
  • Good for colon: The abundance of dietary fiber in string beans safeguards the mucus membrane of colon by inhibiting adherence of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals to it. This helps to keep colon cancer at bay. Fiber adds bulk and eases elimination of stools thereby benefitting people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.
  • Improves Low Platelets Count
  • According to some studies powdered string beans is effective in relieving itching and dryness caused by eczema.
  • Good for skin: The substantial amount of silicon present in these beans is good for maintaining healthy connective tissue which in turn prevents wrinkles, sagging and premature aging of skin.
  • Bone health: The silicon content is also good for healthy bones. Moreover Vitamin K present in string beans promotes calcium absorption thereby increasing bone strength and density. All this helps to prevent osteoporosis.


Apart from all these benefits string beans are beneficial in easing inflammatory conditions like gout. Its carotenoid content is beneficial for our eyes whereas Vitamin C present in it helps the body to develop resistance against various infections. Moreover it serves as a good diuretic and thereby eliminates toxins from the body.